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CS 461 Senior Project (Fall 2012)

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
Supervisory Professor: Dr. G.Young

Team Members:
1) Joseph Afework
2) Saul Guardado
3) Sangho "Andrew" Lee


The goal of our senior project was to explore rapid game development using Microsoft's XNA framework. Using XNA we were able to create a relativly playable game in under 10 weeks called "Insert Name Here".


In order to compile our code the following is needed:
1) Visual Studio 2012
2) XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh


Our game is very simillar to the popular handheld Tamagachi games from the late 90's. We used that as a starting point and expanded it to add an in game economy system (see Inventory Store) as well as a unique competitive multiplayer mode.

Essentially our player is tasked with caring for his monster (Single Player Mode) in a closed arena known as the "playground". In the playground, a player can train, feed, equip, or clean up after the monster. As in-game time progress, a monsters stamina will change. For example, if a monster hasn't been fed in 10 minutes, its hunger level will increase. If the monster is not fed, it will eventually die. Death is PERMANENT in our game. This ensures that players focus their time on raising and taking care of his monster.

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