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  • [ENH] Added Edge support (only GUM is implemented)
  • [ENH] Replacing audio tags as well as video tags when using the plugin.
    This fixes issue with the sound not being rendered when playing in audio tags.
  • [ENH] Added a new param to the plugin tags indicating what kind of HTML tag was replaced (audio/video)
  • [BugFix] Fixed the onclick event passing from audio/video tags to plugin tag
  • [BugFix] Clearing the interval that check if the plugin is installed. The interval used to trigger install callback every 1/2 sec.
  • [BugFix] Added an escape to defineWebRTCInterface so that it cannot be called more than once. Prints an error in the JS console when called more than once.

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Minified library: //
Debug library: //
Minified screensharing library: //
Debug screensharing library: //

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