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Site v2.0, so... Angular v6, Bootstrap v4, TypeScript v2.5.3
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Material Design Icons - Site

The Material Design Icons project has been growing pretty quickly over the years and now has a large community behind it and is need of a new site.

Tech Stack

Pretty much starting this with the latest of everything. Angular, ngAngular (Bootstrap 4), TypeScript2.

Running Locally

Clone the project and install angular-cli globally. This will handle running the Angular project.

npm install angular-cli --global
npm install
ng serve


  • Modern Browser support only (developer focused resource).
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Fast loading.
    • Load only required icons.
    • Minify all source.
    • Scrolling only renders SVG files in view.
  • View icons by version of release.
  • Separate help guides for each framework.
  • Resource page
  • Each icon has a unique page.
  • Cleanly integrate the advanced export.
  • Contributor pages editable by contributors.
  • Emoji ranking on icons that may need a revision.
  • Suggest an alias.
  • More robust tagging of icons.

API Endpoints

To view all the documented endpoints please open src/content/

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