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Icon Naming

MDI has strong guidelines setup to ensure naming of every icon is as consistent and expandable as possible.

Base Names

Base names are generally the noun representation of an icon. In some cases this may also be the more common software term for the icon.


Hyphen Tagging

All naming must be in the exact order below.




Additional Details

  • outline must only be used on 2dp lined icons.
  • variant is only to be used to represent the same icon with the same meaning.
  • close is never to be used to represent a x on an icon other than the close-*. Use *-remove for these instances.
  • settings modifier is represented in Material Design as three dots (...) not a cog or gear.
  • plus is always used to represent adding (do not use add).
  • minus is always used to represent subtracting.
  • multiple should be used on layered icons where there is a singular representation present.
  • format-* breaks all the rules. Because.

Notice a Bug?

If you ever notice a bug in a name or think it does not follow these guidelines please open an issue.