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# License
Please carefully understand the license and download the latest icons at
## Understand Your Rights
No Attribution and No Derived Works *
- If your project is open source include this license file in the source.
- Nothing is needed in the front facing project (UNLESS you
are using any of the icons listed below in the attribution section).
- Commercial use is not only allowed but encouraged. If it is an icon
in the attribution list below, you still need to attribute those!
- Do not distribute the entire package (I've allowed this dozens of
times for open source projects, but email me first).
## Creator
- Austin Andrews (@templarian)
## Contributor**
- Jay Zawrotny (@JayZawrotny)
- A Bunch
- Oren Nachman
- appbar.chevron.down
- appbar.chevron.up
- appbar.chevron.left
- appbar.chevron.right
## Derived Works
- Alex Peattie
- Social:
## Attribution***
- Kris Vandermotten (@kvandermotten)
- appbar.medical.pulse
- Constantin Kichinsky (@kichinsky)
- appbar.currency.rubles
- appbar.currency.grivna
- Massimo Savazzi (@msavazzi)
- List of missing exported icons
- Proletkult Graphik, from The Noun Project
- appbar.draw.pen (inspired)
- Olivier Guin, from The Noun Project
- appbar.draw.marker
- Gibran Bisio, from The Noun Project
- appbar.draw.bucket
Andrew Forrester, from The Noun Project
- appbar.fingerprint
* The license is for attribution, but this is not required.
** Developers and designers that emailed Templarian the source .design icons to be added into the package. PNGs also accepted, but may take longer to be added.
*** Icons I've copied so closely you want to attribute them and are also under the CC license.
- admin[@]templarian[.]com
* Does not apply to copyrighted logos
- Skype
- Facebook
- Twitter
- etc...
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