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TempBot Commands

Commands start with / and use spaces to separate arguments.



Get a word to unscramble. (All words are based off Marvel-related things)
Alias(es): unscram unscr

  • hint
  • dm

Guess a number from 1-10.
Alias(es): numg numguess

  • (range)

Test your maths skills by answering a random maths question.
Alias(es): maths

  • (range)
  • addition / add
  • subtraction / sub
  • multiplication / mul
  • division / div

Play a 2-player game of scissors-paper-rock.
Alias(es): rockpaperscissors rps spr handgame\


Start a game of hangman.

Text tools


tUrN A MeSsAgE iNtO tHiS.
Alias(es): friendzone sep


T u r n a m e s s a g e i n t o t h i s . Subcommands:

  • r(number of spaces)

.siht otni egassem a nruT
Alias(es): rev


Alias(es): emrt\

Other things


Ask the magic 8ball a question.


Count how many words and characters are in a message.


Generate a random number.
Alias(es): dice roll

  • (range) (multiple of 10)

End a game started in a server. No permissions are required.

  • (game)

Get a person's avatar

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