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Hippy Cross Platform Framework

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πŸ’‘ Introduction

Hippy is a cross-platform development framework, that aims to help developers write once, and run on multiple platforms(iOS, Android, Web, and so on). Hippy is quite friendly to Web developers, especially those who are familiar with React or Vue. With Hippy, developers can create the cross-platform app easily.

Hippy is now applied in Tencent major apps such as Mobile QQ, Mobile QQ Browser, Tencent Video App, QQ Music App, and Tencent News, reaching hundreds of millions of ordinary users.

πŸ’― Advantages

  • Designed for Web developers, officially support Web frameworks like React and Vue.
  • Same APIs for different platforms.
  • Excellent performance with JS engine binding communication.
  • Build-in recyclable component with better performance.
  • Smoothly and gracefully migrate to Web browser.
  • Fully supported Flex Layout engine.

πŸ“ Documentation

For experiencing more features, check out hippy examples and visit Documents page.

πŸ“… Changelog

Detailed changes for each release version are documented in the project release notes.

🀝 Contribution

Developers are welcome to contribute to Tencent's open source, and we will also give them incentives to acknowledge and thank them. Here we provide an official description of Tencent's open source contribution. Specific contribution rules for each project are formulated by the project team. Developers can choose the appropriate project and participate according to the corresponding rules. The Tencent Project Management Committee will report regularly to qualified contributors and awards will be issued by the official contact. Before making a pull request or issue to Hippy, please make sure to read Contributing Guide.

All the people who already contributed to Hippy can be seen in Contributors and Authors File.

❀️ Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time

πŸ“„ License

Hippy is Apache-2.0 licensed.

πŸ”— Links

Hippy Eco-System

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