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将QMUIAlertController作为全局属性使用时QMUIAlertAction回调只能执行一次 #427

codingiran opened this issue Nov 10, 2018 · 2 comments


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commented Nov 10, 2018


  • 设备:iPhone / 模拟器
  • 系统:iOS 11.1
  • Xcode 版本:10.1
  • QMUI iOS 版本:2.9.0



@property(nonatomic, strong) QMUIAlertController *alertController;


- (QMUIAlertController *)alertController
    if (!_alertController) {
        _alertController = [QMUIAlertController alertControllerWithTitle:@"" message:@"" preferredStyle:QMUIAlertControllerStyleActionSheet];
        QMUIAlertAction *add = [QMUIAlertAction actionWithTitle:@"添加或移除签名" style:QMUIAlertActionStyleDefault handler:^(__kindof QMUIAlertController *aAlertController, QMUIAlertAction *action) {
            WESignatureViewController *signatureVc = [[WESignatureViewController alloc] init];
            signatureVc.supportedOrientationMask = UIInterfaceOrientationMaskLandscapeLeft | UIInterfaceOrientationMaskLandscapeRight;
            WENavigationController *navigation = [[WENavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:signatureVc];
            [[QMUIHelper visibleViewController] presentViewController:navigation animated:YES completion:NULL];

            // 目前我的解决方案为:在回调执行完后将_alertController置空,以确保下次弹出时拿到新的_alertController
            self->_alertController = nil;

        QMUIAlertAction *cancel = [QMUIAlertAction actionWithTitle:@"取消" style:QMUIAlertActionStyleCancel handler:^(__kindof QMUIAlertController *aAlertController, QMUIAlertAction *action) {
        [_alertController addAction:add];
        [_alertController addAction:cancel];

    return _alertController;

如上操作,QMUIAlertAction *add的handler回调在self.alertController第一次show的时候正常进入,但hide之后再次show时,QMUIAlertAction *add的回调再也无法进入

查看源码(QMUIAlertController.m line:1160):

#pragma mark - <QMUIAlertActionDelegate>

- (void)didClickAlertAction:(QMUIAlertAction *)alertAction {
    [self hideWithAnimated:YES completion:^{
        if (alertAction.handler) {
            alertAction.handler(self, alertAction);
            **alertAction.handler = nil;**

发现alertAction.handler = nil;,设nil应该是为了避免循环引用吧,不知道是否有更好的解决方案

self->_alertController = nil;(如上面回调中的备注)

Mark: 我在QMUI微信群里,如果我表达的不清楚可以@codingiran

@codingiran codingiran changed the title 将QMUIAlertController作为全局属性使用时QMUIAlertAction回调只能执行 将QMUIAlertController作为全局属性使用时QMUIAlertAction回调只能执行一次 Nov 10, 2018


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commented Nov 13, 2018

@codingiran 我们已经修改了,去掉 = nil 这个操作,外面做好 weak 就好了,不会循环引用。下个版本会带上这个修改。


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commented Nov 13, 2018

2.9.1 已发布并修复该问题,请更新版本后尝试。

@MoLice MoLice closed this Nov 13, 2018

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