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2017-09-11 3.6.39
Add the End node.
Fix a bug for exporting the parameters of the method.
Fix a bug for exporting the structs.
2017-08-17 3.6.38
Improve the GC for the C#.
2017-08-08 3.6.37
Support generating the codes for initializing the member array.
2017-08-03 3.6.36
Fix a bug of accessing task params when calling a sub tree
2017-7-11 3.6.35
Improve the C++ types generation.
Fix a bug of time edition of the Wait node.
Fix a bug of renaming the agent.
Fix a bug of reentering the SelectorProbability node.
Fix other bugs of the editor.
2017-5-16 3.6.34
Fix a bug for the Parallel node.
Fix a bug for exporting the return type of the method.
Fix a bug for exporting the local vars.
2017-5-4 3.6.33
Remove the inheritance for the agent type of the referenced behaviors.
Fix a bug for the Parallel node.
Fix a bug for the IfElse node.
2017-4-26 3.6.32
Support resetting the children for the SelectorLoop node.
Add the tutorial_13.
2017-4-24 3.6.31
Fix a bug for generating the codes of the Task and Event.
Fix a bug for the hotreload of the meta file.
Add the tutorial_12.
2017-4-20 3.6.30
Supporot the hot reload of the meta file.
Ignore the System_Object as the type of the property.
Fix a bug for the IfElse node.
Fix a bug for generating the namespace of the enum.
Add the tutorial_10 and tutorial_11.
2017-4-11 3.6.29
Fix a bug of compiling error for GCC.
2017-4-10 3.6.28
Improve generating the codes for the struct.
Add tutorial_8 and tutorial_9.
Fix a bug for editting the member of the struct.
Fix a bug for creating an enum as a property.
2017-4-1 3.6.27
Improve setting the properties of the node.
Supporpt removing all instances when debugging.
Fix a bug for filtering the properties when having selected one.
2017-3-23 3.6.26
Do not send the update message when debugging.
Fix a bug for setting the var when debugging for C#.
Fix a bug for generating codes for Agent* as the return type of the method.
Fix a bug for renaming the method.
2017-3-16 3.6.25
Support renaming types.
Add the tutorial_6 projects.
2017-3-10 3.6.24
Add the tutorial_1_1 and tutorial_1_2.
Add the Const setting for the parameters of the method.
Improve the generated _Get_Property_ method.
Fix a bug for the uint as the return type of the method.
2017-3-7 3.6.23
Fix a bug for adding the struct of UnityEngine.Vector3.
Fix a bug for the size_t value.
Fix a bug for setting the prefab.
2017-3-2 3.6.22
Fix a bug for exporting the codes for the UnityEngine.Vector3.
Fix a bug for the char* type.
Fix a bug for renaming the parameters of the method.
Support setting the default value for the enum members.
Support multi-level namespaces for C++.
Support copying and pasting the struct type as the parameters.
2017-2-27 3.6.21
Fix a bug for adding and removing the properties of the struct.
2017-2-24 3.6.20
Fix a bug for renaming the agent and setting its base class.
2017-2-23 3.6.19
Fix a bug for the CMakeList.
Add the vcxproj.filters files for the C++ projects.
2017-2-22 3.6.18
Update the license and header information.
2017-2-16 3.6.17
Fix a bug for the struct as the parameters of the method.
Fix a bug for setting the name for the property and method.
Fix a bug for creating a new tree and setting its name.
2017-2-13 3.6.16
Fix a bug for exporting the codes for getting the instance.
2017-2-8 3.6.15
Improve the meta browser.
Save the flag for checking error.
Add the workspaces for the tutorials.
2017-2-5 3.6.14
Fix a bug for the std::string and wstring.
Fix a bug for the relative header path for the generated C++ codes.
Preload for the referenced true and task.
Remove all source code files from the install package.
2017-1-10 3.6.13
Add tutorial_0/unity project.
Improve creating and using the property.
2016-12-21 3.6.12
Support the multiply meta files.
Improve the codes for the TScan.
Do not create the Prefabs folder if empty.
2016-12-16 3.6.11
Add the IsRef for the type.
Fix a bug for the child struct.
Improve the codes for the Coverity.
2016-12-14 3.6.10
Add MetaFile method for the Workspace.
Fix a bug for loading the properties and methods.
Rename "Prefabs".
Support 14 parameters at most for the method of C++.
Refine extending the existing struct.
2016-12-06 3.6.9
Fix a bug for the ref type of the parameter.
Support 14 parameters at most for the method of C#.
2016-12-02 3.6.8
fix bug of possible no agents list when connecting
fix no variables value update bug when connecting
fix possible crash when editing value in editor when connecting
int and double time refined
improve the meta editting
fix various bugs
2016-11-30 3.6.7
refine mete handling
2016-11-28 3.6.6
fix a bug when compare agent with null
add more begin/end comment block for code generation
agent/enum/struct can be configured to generate at different path
2016-11-25 3.6.5
Support multi meta files.
2016-11-24 3.6.4
Fix a bug for merging the meta to bb.
2016-11-23 3.6.3
Continue fixing bugs for types generation.
2016-11-21 3.6.2
Fix bugs for types generation.
2016-11-18 3.6.1
Improve the Agent types generation.
Refactor the C++ runtime.
Fix the GC problem for the enum and struct comparation.
2016-11-10 3.6.0
Improve the Agent types generation.
Refactor the C++ runtime.
Fix the GC problem for the enum and struct comparation.
adjust files structure for the next release
2016-11-3 3.5.18
Fix a bug for replacing the node on the Prefab.
Do not export the SetVariable() for the assignment of the property.
Add the filename for the loading error.
Fix a bug for setting the ID.
2016-10-21 3.5.17
Fix a bug for setting the agent of the Assignment node and Precondition attachment.
2016-10-17 3.5.16
Fix a bug for selecting the agent type.
Fix a bug for setting the parameters of the method for the Effector.
2016-09-26 3.5.15
Fix a bug for checking the Selector node.
Fix a bug for the type exported path.
Fix a bug for the string value with space.
Fix a bug for the default value of the ExportFileCount.
2016-09-20 3.5.14
Support splitting the generated_behaviors.cpp file.
Add the BEHAVIAC_CS_ONLY to use the behaviac lib without UnityEngine.
Fix a bug for the type sbyte.
Fix a bug for the ref type of the parameter of the customized method.
2016-08-31 3.5.13
Fix a bug for sending data when the network is disconnected.
Fix a bug for generating the return type for the customized method.
Sort the meta types before exporting types.
export base agent types content when it is not decorated by type attribute
2016-08-24 3.5.12
fix a bug when there is a ResultStatus
Fix a bug for using the customized types
Fix a bug for the StatusResult method
Equanl renamed to _Object_Equal_
operator== and operator!= removed for TagObject
2016-08-18 3.5.11
Fix a bug for saving the Language of the workspace.
2016-08-16 3.5.10
assignment supports cast
fix bug when creating an Agent custom variable
2016-08-08 3.5.9
fix a bug in c# about member field logging
log the current variables, otherwise, its value is not the latest
fix a bug when buffer is reallcated
fix a bug when double is used
fix compiling errors on linux
fix a bug for setting the relative path for the generating the types
add logging of export info
2016-08-01 3.5.8
fix possible memory leak when subtree
fix a bug in Vector to setList when returning from the pool
fix a possible crash in FSM due to negative nextStateId
fix a possible crash for vector usage
socket connection restored for mac
2016-07-12 3.5.7
fix a bug for the array member of the struct.
fix a bug for generating the type files when the language is null.
fix a bug when a struct has a vector member of a struct
fix compiling error on iOS
2016-07-07 3.5.6
fix a bug(file path) in HotReload of unity version
add prompt messages if not adding generated cs into the project
fix a bug in ullong
fix a bug in editor when the same property is used with different instance name
fix a bug for selecting a parameter with the list type
ListParam added to restrict item type for List
fix bug in edtior for VectorAdd, etc.
fix a bug for the instance of the property
2016-06-30 3.5.5
refactor Compare and Compute to avoid Expression Lamda for bugs on iOS
refine referencebehavior to avoid possible memory leak
fix bug in compute when right side is function
FireEvent can't be called when btexec
transition refined to support transition when success/failure/exit
add BEHAVIAC_ prefix for macros and add in behaviac namespace
2016-06-23 3.5.4
DoneWithinFrame added to replace repeat
fix bug in DecoratorLoop for cpp/c# format
ShowProfilingInfo false by default
fix bugs in DesignerFloat to support double
fix bugs when a struct has an array member
fix bugs in socket connect on linux
fix a bug for the Local Var when debugging
fix bug when no xml meta file when creating agent
2016-06-14 3.5.3
don't export for cs
property refactored for c#
opt struct and vector equals
fix bug in EBTStatus
2016-06-07 3.5.1
fix bug in profile display
Fix a bug for generating codes for the C# structs
destructor commented in C#
class can be configured as a value type
Add the generated type ui on the Meta Browser.
2016-05-31 3.5.0
to handle the case of no meta xml files
csharp GC free even on xml/bson
2016-05-20 3.4.4
to include version number for unitypackage
enable memory_leak_test for all platforms
add SetBehaviorNodeLoader
rapidxml added to namespace of behaviac
detect dead loop in the fsm updating
fix compiling warnings in vs2015 64
2016-05-11 3.4.3
fix cmake xcode _DEBUG
fix cmake debug config with the wrong BEHAVIAC_RELEASE
fix bug that property is not updated in the connected designer
2016-05-05 3.4.2
fix bug in task due to a ended running sub node
fix bug when sub tree reenter
2016-04-27 3.4.1
DecoratorLog, DecoratorAwaysRunning, DecoratorAwaysSuccess, DecoratorAwaysFailure reshown in the node list
update cmake scripts to handle LTO, esp. for gcc
fix bug in FireEvent, passing param by reference
2016-04-21 3.4.0
subtree refactored to support variable/method to allow dynamic tree
2016-04-13 3.3.16
64 bit supported, esp. in CMakelists.txt fro win
2016-04-06 3.3.15
Set the ShowNodeId be to true by default.
Add the GetRunningNodes() method of the class BehaviorTask.
Set the UTF-8 format for the control doc.
2016-03-31 3.3.14
Fix a bug for adding or removing agents when updating all agents.
Show the behaviac::EBTStatus by default.
Set the type of the id to int16_t.
Add F1 for the documents of all nodes.
2016-03-23 3.3.13
Fix a bug for the readonly property as the attachment.
2016-03-22 3.3.12
Send the platform info of the runtime part.
Add the QA menu item for the editor.
Fix some bugs for the editor.
2016-03-14 3.3.11
define _DEBUG when debug configuration
2016-03-08 3.3.10
behaviors.dbg.xml is not used any more
2016-03-02 3.3.9
The C++/C# export path shoule be the same drive as the workspace.
Change the web link for stats.
2016-02-29 3.3.8
Add the automatic signature for the setup package.
2016-02-25 3.3.7
Fix a bug for the parameters of method generation.
2016-02-24 3.3.6
Fix a bug for resetting the node id when replacing the node.
Report the username and mac address to the TQOS.
2016-02-23 3.3.5
Fix a bug for updating the local vars for the Task node.
Filter the IListy type when adding a property or method.
Fix some bugs for the editor.
2016-02-17 3.3.4
android_2015 added to test android
2016-02-15 3.3.3
add the updated CMakeLists.txt and build scripts
2016-02-03 3.3.2
Fix a bug for the Frames of the DecoratorFrames and WaitFrames nodes.
Fix a bug for generating the C++ codes for the methods.
2016-02-01 3.3.1
Fix a bug for the connect debugging.
2016-01-28 3.3.0
Improve registering types.
Remove the foreach for the Unity.
Modify the type of TimeSinceStartup to double.
premake is replaced with cmake, please check
2016-01-20 3.2.22
Fix a bug for const reference type for the return type of the method.
Fix a bug for CountLimit node.
2016-01-15 3.2.21
Fix a bug for the behavior task.
Fix a bug for the DecoratorTime node.
2016-01-12 3.2.20
Fix a bug for the array item as the parameter of the method.
2016-01-08 3.2.19
Fix a bug for debug connection.
Fix a bug for the GetCpuId() method.
2016-01-07 3.2.18
Improve the BEHAVIAC_RELEASE for C++.
2016-01-04 3.2.17
Add the FrameSinceStartup for the workspace.
Fix a bug for the agent instance as a member.
2015-12-29 3.2.16
Fix a bug for the events fromt the sub tree.
Fix a bug for generating the behaviors with C++ format.
2015-12-25 3.2.15
Fix a bug for setting the parameters of the method.
2015-12-24 3.2.14
Fix some bugs for the editor.
2015-12-23 3.2.13
Fix a bug for selecting the method from the instances.
Add a bClearResource parameter for the Agent::btunload() method.
2015-12-22 3.2.12
Support the local agent var to select its members.
Fix a bug for the events of the base classes.
2015-12-16 3.2.11
Generate the RegisterTypes/UnRegisterTypes for C# codes.
fix EnumTest_OneAfterOne
fix compiling warnings/errors on linux
Fix a bug for selecting properties for the parameter of the method.
Add the unit test for the property of an instance as a parameter.
fix logmanager instance problem
2015-12-14 3.2.10
fix a possible bug when checking the parent update preconditions
fix the bug when if a function as precondition return EBTStatus
The workspace can have no meta
documents points to
2015-12-08 3.2.9
Add the BEHAVIAC_DECLARE_TYPE_VECTOR_HANDLER for the generated agent types.
Add the TQOS for reporting the logs.
using for the documents
2015-12-02 3.2.8
Check the preconditions of the ancestors to handle updating the preconditions.
Export codes for the customized agents.
Export the customized types and members according to the export format settings.
Add the UnitPackage into the setup package.
-Wno-invalid-offsetof and -Wno-array-bounds removed, esp. for linux/mac version
2015-11-27 3.2.7
remove -Wno-maybe-uninitialized, -Wno-unused-local-typedefs, -Wno-array-bounds, -Wno-strict-aliasing
Fix a bug for sending a property to the runtime.
MSG_NOSIGNAL added to socket send
fix a serious bug when back tracking
2015-11-26 3.2.6
LogManager::Output virtual
EndState shape
Fix a bug for selecting the methods after changing the instance
2015-11-25 3.2.5
Support extra parameters of the Agent::Create() method for the constructor of the Agent subclasses.
add DebugUpdate to simplify api
fix a bug in the SelectorLoop and WithPrecondition
hot reload only valid for win and linux
Property clone removed
2015-11-23 3.2.4
Fix bugs for the Event
2015-11-20 3.2.3
fix bugs in the connecting debugging
fix compiling errors on linux
fix bugs in WaitState
2015-11-19 3.2.2
Fix a bug for setting the file version.
Fix a bug for creating a workspace.
waitstate/waitframesstate/waittransition/alwaystransition added
2015-11-18 3.2.0
Fix a bug for generating C++ and C# behavior codes.
2015-11-17 3.1.9
Close the meta file after loading.
Improve the export options for the cmd mode.
Fix a bug for adding a node on the right of the root behavior.
Improve the workspace process for the debug.
fix bugs in meta browser
fix bug when not setup caused by BEHAVIAC_ROOT
update setup to exclude rubbish
fix bug in hot reload
Fix a bug for updating the properties when debugging.
2015-11-07 3.1.7
add cocos demo
fix bugs when connecting
2015-11-06 3.1.6
behaviac::Start/Stop is not needed to call
FSM and BT can be called each other
various bug fixes and impromvents in the designer
2015-10-29 3.1.5
setup package is reduced not to contain libs and dlls.
RegisterName renamed to RegisterInstanceName
Get/SetExportPath, Get/SetFileFormat,don't need to subclass Workspace
Config::IsSocketBlocking/SocketPort added
SetupConnecting/ShutdownConnecting private
2015-10-27 3.1.4
rtti enabled by default
fix warnings/errors due to virtual dtor and float equal
GetFileFormat bug
an error dialog to show all loading errors
fix other bugs
2015-10-23 3.1.3
Workspace API refactored by removiong Init, etc.
IsRefType added to support a type to be used as a pointer
back compatibility for 1.x and 2.x
other bug fixes
this is a very big udpate compared to 2.x. please be careful!
2015-10-19 3.1.1
vs2008/vs2010/cygwin/linux supported for the latest
icons updated
other many bug fixes and improvements
2015-10-10 3.1.0
Supports the long long and unsigned long long types.
Supports the FSM debugging.
Improve the demo codes.
Improve the Meta Browser.
Load comparable for the previous behaviors.
2015-8-21 3.0.4
costomized type
c# to cpp
2015-8-5 3.0.3
fsm added
preaction/postaction refactored
2015-7-9 3.0.2
c# format generated
repeat added
2015-7-2 3.0.1
CurrentTask refined, etc.
2015-6-25 3.0.0
precondition/effector refined
custom property/local var added to replace par
HTN debugger nearly done
2015-3-6 2.0.7
Fix a bug for resigtering metas.
Update readme.txt file.
2015-3-5 2.0.6
Update the license.txt file.
Add the license header info for all source files.
2015-3-3 2.0.5
Set the mask and flag to -1 for the agent by default.
Remove some unused code files.
2015-2-27 2.0.4
Remove the unused files for the C++ runtime.
Navigation for the attachments.
Fix bugs for the editor.
2015-2-13 2.0.3
Support Tranditional and Modern themes for the editor.
Update icons.
Support Up/Down/Left/Right keys to navigate on the behavior tree.
Support Ctrl+Up/Down keys to swap two nodes.
Improve the node shapes.
Improve the Meta Browser.
Fix connection bugs for the linux.
Fix some bugs for the editor.
2015-1-20 2.0.2
Integrate Mono.Xml instead of System.Xml.
2015-1-19 2.0.1
Fix a bug for selecting the Event.
Fix a bug for showing the Find dialog.
2015-1-12 2.0.0
Fix a bug for the SelectorProbability node.
Fix a bug for the breakpoint.
Abandon the DecoratorLog node.
2015-1-8 1.9.21
Add the methods and properties filter.
Add the meta store for the selection of methods and properties.
2015-1-6 1.9.20
Fix bugs for the breakpoints.
Fix bugs for the properties and methods selection.
2015-1-5 1.9.19
Improve the update efficiency of the properties window.
Fix a bug for selecting the node.
2014-12-31 1.9.18
Remove the messagebox when the breakpoint is active.
2014-12-30 1.9.17
Improve breakpoints related stuff.
2014-12-26 1.9.16
Don't use DeepCopy for the Par.
Fix the bug for the SelectorProbability node.
Update the readme and docs.
Fix some bugs for the designer.
2014-12-8 1.9.15
add the method filter function for the editor.
add the GetRunningNodes() method for the Agent class to debug.
2014-11-25 1.9.14
improve the breakpoint related feature.
2014-11-15 1.9.13
add the limit log count for the designer.
add the export menu for the unit test on Unity.
2014-10-31 1.9.12
improve the example plugin project.
add IgnoreTimeScale for the Wait node, and make its time value be float.
update the documents.
fix some bugs for the designer.
2014-10-15 1.9.11
change the icon for the designer.
use SDL lib for the Ship game.
reorganize the structure of the workspace of the unit test.
fix some bugs for the designer.
2014-09-18 1.9.10
fix bugs for the breakpoint and improve the par settings.
2014-08-29 1.9.9
fix various bugs and improvements in designer
2014-08-25 1.9.8
works perfectly for all the platforms with the new full unittest
prefab almost perfect
2014-08-14 1.9.7
prefab almost works
2014-08-04 1.9.6
2014-07-28 1.9.5
fix a bug caused by btsetcurrent/btexec
bug fixes and improvements in the designer
2014-07-25 1.9.4
expand/collapse refined
unit test refined
selectorloop refined to handle failed action
2013 lib/dll included
2014-07-21 1.9.3
more opts
expand/collapse refined
2014-07-16 1.9.2
designer style changed again to be more like unity
menu moved to the mainwindow
tooltips has some delay
new icons for Pan/Fit
tank demo bt simplified
GetVaraible by id
dodge in tank demo
2014-07-09 1.9.1
various opt
2014-07-09 1.9.0
designer UI style changed to be modern
tank demo
don't UpdateVariableRegistry for opt
2014-07-04 1.8.5
Action now can accepts Predicates as preconditions
allow to not export non-public members
bug fixes
2014-07-01 1.8.4
add one extra blank line at the end of header fiel to fix warnings on linux
various bugs fix for c#
export the outer class as the namespace
export class when it is recursive
referenced tree as a block
fix bugs when epporting c#
fix bugs in undo and export path
2014-06-27 1.8.3
BEHAVIAC_RELEASE added to config debug version
waitforsignal reset when enter
other bug fix
fix bugs in android version due to workspace path
filemanager.cs rename to FileManager.cs
logging.cs rename to LogManager.cs
remove possible GC allocs
tank demo updated
dll not used, instead of using c# directly
Time.deltaTime used
fixing a bug when result functor has no params
fixing a bug when agent used for par and null value
fixing bugs in stochastic nodes
fixing bugs when accessing property as param
bugs in copy/paste fixed and improved
meta xml format modified to have types section
hot reload done for c#
SetLogFilePath added
Config added
workspace and bt can be opend by a cmdline
hot reload done for c++
.bson renamed to .bson.bytes for unity
many other designer and documents improvements
fix connecting problems in unity
Compute node added
update documents about spaceship, etc.
update documents by adding node descriptions
update documents
'inside behaviac' can be accessed by help menu
node descriptions added
unify the example and unity workspace
workspace not derived from monobehavior
filesystem added
SetWorspaceSetttings accepts exported path
c# source code included
documents updated
subtree can be recursively added
recent files added
fix commpiling errors on cygwin, etc.
fix bugs on unity script
ExportMetas moved to Workspace
SetWorkspaceSettings moved to Workspace
and the first param is now the Workspace file
EFF_cpp/EFF_xml moved to Workspace
register_method, check result deprecated
workspace added
before bttick, btsetcurrent
Interval_t removed and added to Workspace
Open File in Workspace, Alt+Shift+O
Find All
namespace supported
cpp file exported
unity supported
cpp exporter
cs exporter
unity support
Node Id refined
license added
Alt + Mouse added to support alternative way to pan/scale
Shortcut info added to tooltips
fix the size bug in Find dialog so that it can keep the old location, etc.
Enter/Exit action description added to doc
handle null ptr
setup doesn't include 'block mode' shortcut for the spaceship example
fix bug in level-9 of DecorateWhenChildEnds property parsing
profiler toggle
node id instead of version info
handle space in a string when split string by ' '
fix bugs on cygwin and linux
make it more handy to extend an existing type
ToString added in ext/types.h
property/condition register
std::string/vector, etc.
declare type members for existing types
Find Dialog centered
more docs
linux support xml export
update docs
IsTickAgents added
fix a bug of std::string paring
don't allow the action only method being used as getters
docs updated for method register
use int instead of ushort for bson document size to fix the problem of big bt file
fix a bug when integrating into unreal caused by pack/alignment
update documents about register name, etc.
fix a bug when creating a workspace
update docs about event
more descrptions about parallel node
fix a bug due to bt's name
show the node id
reset node id if duplicated
replace the string with stringid
cmd line export
detect source BT modification and reload it
bson export format supported
vs2010 lib/dll included in the setup
socket connection refined
fix more bugs
enteraction/exitaction added
struct param can accept par and properties
bug fixes
pars can be updated when debugging
show the detail tooltip for the action, condition and assignment
show the details for the structs
the focus gets lost for the pars/property 'watch'
the layout file can be deleted when it is corrupt
agent types can be used for par
fix a bug in tickCurrentNode and refine BEHAVIAC_SOCKETCONNECT_ENABLED
documents updated for breakpoints and id flag/mask
mbstowcs added, refine display info
more tutorials added for the basic operation in designer
fix bug when modifing var on designer
linux support(btunittest can run)
output and timeline update frequency tweaked and refined
other refinements
event param passed to par
user struct can be used without property dependency
param range spcecified by PARAM_INFO for number type
more tutorials added
Tag renamed to behaviac
other bugs fixes
android/ios supported
setup refined
other bugs fixes
find added
gcc/acc supported
bug fixes and refinements
bttick optmized
bug fixes and refinements
context added
setup update for msvc redist
loop until refined
bt's root node id bug fixed
bug fixes and refinements
bug fixes and refinements
tutorial added
decorator weight refined
bug fixes and refinements
method/propert's owner handling refined
bug fixes and refinements
sharded node integrated from branch
bug fixes and refinements
a name can be bound to an instance
more bug fixes and refinements
more bug fixes
Designer moved to extension/tools
Interval_t added to replace deltaTime
RanderGenerator added to allow the user to provide the random generator.
other refinements
"property/method/param/agent/struct/enum" have DiplayName and Desc
continute adding more chinese translation
fix bugs
remove dependency to tag(1st version)
add more chinese translation
fix bugs
chinese supported
a bt can be attached to any node to be triggered for an event
network supported for method and property
.workspace file added
prefabs added
struct/array supported
icons updated
applog added
enum added to par
break points added and worked properly
property/par can be edited
timeline added
various fixes and refinements
the basic debugging
connect to the designer
update the properties
parameter, etc.
the basic feature
setup and version checking