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// JSON condenser example
// This example parses JSON text from stdin with validation,
// and re-output the JSON content to stdout without whitespace.
#include "rapidjson/reader.h"
#include "rapidjson/writer.h"
#include "rapidjson/filereadstream.h"
#include "rapidjson/filewritestream.h"
#include "rapidjson/error/en.h"
using namespace rapidjson;
int main(int, char*[]) {
// Prepare JSON reader and input stream.
Reader reader;
char readBuffer[65536];
FileReadStream is(stdin, readBuffer, sizeof(readBuffer));
// Prepare JSON writer and output stream.
char writeBuffer[65536];
FileWriteStream os(stdout, writeBuffer, sizeof(writeBuffer));
Writer<FileWriteStream> writer(os);
// JSON reader parse from the input stream and let writer generate the output.
if (!reader.Parse(is, writer)) {
fprintf(stderr, "\nError(%u): %s\n", static_cast<unsigned>(reader.GetErrorOffset()), GetParseError_En(reader.GetParseErrorCode()));
return 1;
return 0;