@Maizify Maizify released this Jan 17, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release


  • [FEATURE] Add console command prompt. (by @65147400)
  • [FEATURE] Add SessionStorage support in Storage tab. (by @hkc452)
  • [FIX] Fix JSON.stringify function which was incorrectly rewritten.
  • [FIX] Fix logNumber bug which was not reset when clear logs. (by @liuyuekeng)
  • [FIX] Fix unencoded HTML tag in Network tab. (by @mokang)
  • [FIX] Fix possible crash when decode content in Storage tab. (by @wolfsilver)
  • [FIX] Fix CSP buy cause by nonce attribute. (by @scotthuang)
  • [IMPROVE] Add bottom safe area to adapt to full screen such as iPhone X. (by @dingyi1993)


  • 【特性】新增控制台输入提示。 (by @65147400)
  • 【特性】支持 SessionStorage。 (by @hkc452)
  • 【修复】修复 JSON.stringify 函数被错误地改写的问题。
  • 【修复】修复清空日志时没有重置 logNumber 的问题。 (by @liuyuekeng)
  • 【修复】修复 Network 面板中 HTML 标签未被 encode 的问题。 (by @mokang)
  • 【修复】修复 Storage 面板 decode 内容时可能会导致崩溃的问题。 (by @wolfsilver)
  • 【修复】修复 CSP 签名获取失败问题。 (by @scotthuang)
  • 【优化】增加底部安全区域,适配 iPhone X 等全面屏。 (by @dingyi1993)
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