Scurses, terminal drawing API for Scala, and Onions, a Scurses framework for easy terminal UI
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Scurses / Onions

Scurses and Onions are frameworks for drawing nice things in your terminal using simple, elegant Scala. Scurses provides a low-level drawing and event handling API while Onions provides a high-level UI API with useful widgets.


High-level Scurses framework for easy terminal UI

screen shot 2015-11-12 at 10 58 51

screen shot 2015-11-12 at 10 59 11

screen shot 2015-11-12 at 10 59 40


What's been done so far:

$ sbt onions/run

Be sure that your terminal is resized big enough, scrolling is not supported yet.

Goal is to provide an API full of widgets to make it really easy for users to quickly set up a dashboard to monitor their services in the terminal (graphs, histograms, logs, etc.)

How to use

Scurses { implicit screen =>
  val frame = Frame("Example UI")
  // Three columns
  val colA = frame.panel
  val colB = colA.splitRight
  val colC = colB.splitRight
  // Split second column in three rows
  val colB2 = colB.splitDown
  val colB3 = colB2.splitDown
  // Split third row of second column into two columns
  val colB3B = colB3.splitRight
  val colB3B2 = colB3B.splitDown
  // Split last column into two rows
  val colC2 = colC.splitDown

  // Add a label in the first column
  Label(colA, Lorem.Ipsum, TextWrap.JUSTIFY)
  val r = Random
  val points = (1 to 50) map (i => {
    val x = r.nextInt(40)
    val y = 50 - x + (r.nextGaussian() * 5).toInt - 2
    (x, y max 0)
  // Add a scatter plot in the first row of third column
  ScatterPlot(colC, points, "Time", "Sales")
  // Show a heat map of the same values in the second row
  HeatMap(colC2, points, "Time", "Sales")

  // Display and launch event loop

For examples about all widgets, see ExampleUI.scala

Keyboard controls

Keys Action
/ Focus next widget in direction / Focus next panel in direction
/ Focus next panel in direction
/ + Focus next / previous panel
CTRL+SPACE Switch to next tab (if panel has multiple tabs)
SPACE / Activate label action, check radio or checkbox
< / > Move slider left / right (also with SPACE / )


Low-level terminal drawing API for Scala

screen shot 2015-11-12 at 11 07 32



  • Hello World:
$ sbt "scurses/run-main net.team2xh.scurses.examples.HelloWorld"
  • Game of life:
$ sbt scurses/run
  • Stress test:
$ sbt "scurses/run-main net.team2xh.scurses.examples.StressTest"

How to use

import net.team2xh.scurses.Scurses

Scurses { screen =>
  // The screen will only be in Scurses mode inside this block
  // Scurses will reset the terminal buffer and everything when outside
  // Get the current terminal size
  val (w, h) = screen.size
  val greeting = "Hello, world!"
  val prompt = "Press a key to continue..."
  // Put some strings in the middle of the screen
  screen.put(w/2 - greeting.length/2, h/2, greeting)
  screen.put(w/2 - prompt.length/2, h/2 + 1, prompt, Colors.BRIGHT_BLACK)
  // Flush the buffer
  // Wait for an input without storing it