CLI tool for Smart Contract error tracking, monitoring and alerting.
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Tenderly CLI

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Tenderly CLI is a suite of development tools for Solidity Smart Contracts which allow you to debug, monitor and track their execution.



You can install the Tenderly CLI via the Homebrew package manager:

brew tap tenderly/tenderly
brew install tenderly

Or if your prefer you can also install by using cURL and running our installation script:

curl | sh


You can install the Tenderly CLI by using cURL and running our installation script:

curl | sh


Go to the release page, download the latest version and put it somewhere in your $PATH.


You can check the current version of the CLI by running:

tenderly version

To upgrade it via Homebrew:

brew upgrade tenderly


Proxy Debugging

The proxy server is currently made to work with the Truffle framework and requires the proxy to be run from the root of your Smart Contract project where the Truffle configuration is located.

// Example using Ganache defaults
tenderly proxy --target-port 7545

In your Truffle configuration, configure your local network config to point to the running proxy or create a new network for proxy debugging.

module.exports = {
    networks: {
        proxy: {
            host: "",
            port: 9545,
            network_id: "*",
            gasPrice: 0
        ganache: {
            host: "",
            port: 7545,
            network_id: "*",
            gasPrice: 0

After setting up the network you can now call your Truffle commands just as before by changing the --network to the appropriate one.

$user > truffle exec ./scripts/test-scripts.js --network proxy
Using network 'proxy'.

Error: 0x0 Error: REVERT, execution stopped
	at require(square == original)
		in FailContract:5


Now when your transactions fail you can see the exact line of code in which the error occurred and the whole stacktrace by using our proxy command.

Command Flags

Flag Default Description
--path "./" Path to the project build folder where your Truffle configuration is located.
--proxy-host "" Host on which the proxy will be listening
--proxy-port "9545" Port on which the proxy will be listening
--target-host "" Target host of your Blockchain RPC
--target-port "8545" Target port of your Blockchain RPC
--target-schema "http" Blockchain RPC protocol
--help / Help for proxy command

Report Bugs / Feedback

We look forward to any feedback you want to share with us or if you're stuck with a problem you can contact us at

You can also join our Discord server or create an Issue in the Github repository.

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