Gradle plugin that uses checkstyle and reduces configuration for our projects.
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Tengio Checkstyle Plugin

Basic plugin to abstract company wide checkstyle configuration.

Basic functionality of this plugin are:

  • This plugin reuse checkstyle plugin and inject the checkstyle task ans checkstyleMain to execute Checkstyle on an android project so there is no need of additional configuration.
  • Included in the jar and use as configuration includes the checkstyle.xml


You can place this in your root build.gradle or you app build.gradle.

Build script snippet for use in all Gradle versions:

buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url ""
  dependencies {
    classpath ""

apply plugin: "com.tengio.gradle.tengio-checkstyle-plugin"

Build script snippet for new, incubating, plugin mechanism introduced in Gradle 2.1:

plugins {
  id "com.tengio.gradle.tengio-checkstyle-plugin" version "1.0"