Updating Radar Chart Visualization with extensive configuration options
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reusable updating radarChart

Design based on original by NadiehBremer at Visual Cinnamon

Coding philosophy inspired by Rob Moore

Live Example

Find the Latest Code on GitHub

I figured out enter/exit/update for nested objects by studying Lee Mendelowitz's block and reviewing Mike's comments


  • Separate layer for hover objects which need to remain on top of chart
  • Separate layer for tooltip which needs to be uppermost layer
  • Events are configurable as options such that external functions can be seamlessly integrated
  • e.g. external tooltips can be configured for mouseover events


by default accessors with no parameters return current values

  • chart.duration(transition-time) // duration of transitions
  • chart.options(object) // many options don't have accessors
  • chart.width(width)
  • chart.height(height)
  • chart.margins(object)
  • chart.data(data) // set data
  • chart.update() // update chart
  • chart.maxValue(value) // maxValue of axis values
  • chart.levels(value) // number of ring levels
  • chart.opacity(value) // opacity of unselected areas
  • chart.borderWidth(value) // width of border surrounding areas
  • chart.rounded(true/false) // select rounded areas
  • chart.events(object) -- chart.events({'legend': {'mouseover': null}})
  • chart.color(d3.scale)
  • chart.colors(object) -- chart.colors({'axis1': 'color1', 'axis2': 'color2'})
operations on data held in chart instance
  • chart.pop()
  • chart.push(row) -or- chart.push([row, row])
  • chart.shift()
  • chart.unshift(row) -or- chart.unshift([row, row])
  • chart.slice(begin, end)
operations performed on data prior to display
  • chart.invert(axis) -or- chart.invert([axis, axis]) // index or "axis label"
  • chart.ranges({'axis': [min, max]})
  • chart.filterAxes('axis') -or- chart.filterAxes(['axis', 'axis'])
  • chart.filterAreas('key') -or- chart.filterAreas(['key1', 'key2'])
  • chart.keys() // return a list of data keys
  • chart.axes() // return labels of all axes
  • chart.nodes() // return svg object