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Tenor Unity SDK

The Tenor Unity SDK provides the code necessary to integrate Tenor GIFs in your AR application in a matter of minutes. Tenor's search and APIs deliver the most relevant and engaging GIFs, letting you and your users integrate GIFs in creative ways. This library provides simple programming methods and classes for making requests to Tenor's APIs.

alt text

Getting started

Call Example

  • Initialize SDK with the correct API key.

  • Create the correct Request Class with all the parameters.

  • Call the method to get the information from the API endpoint.

    // Search Trending GIFs
    public void ExampleTrendingTenorGIF() {
        // Initialize SDK
        TenorAPI.Initialize ("LIVDSRZULELA");
        // Prepare Request data
        TrendingRequest request = new TrendingRequest ();
        request.pos = "";
        request.limit = 5;
        // Call Coroutine to not freeze
        StartCoroutine(TenorAPI.Trending(request, ProcessAnswers));
    void ProcessAnswers(Response data) {
        // Process data

TenorAPI public methods

The mainclass provide the following methods to calls API endpoints:

public static IEnumerator Search(SearchRequest request, DelegateResponseAnswer delegateSearch)
public static IEnumerator Tags(TagRequest request, DelegateTagCollectionAnswer delegateTags)
public static IEnumerator HourlyTrending(HourlyTrendingRequest request, DelegateStringAnswer delegateHourlyTrending)
public static IEnumerator SearchSuggestions(SearchSuggestionsRequest request, DelegateStringAnswer delegateSearchSuggestions)
public static IEnumerator GIFs(GIFsRequest request, DelegateResponseAnswer delegateGIF)
public static IEnumerator RegisterShare(RegisterShareRequest request, DelegateStringAnswer delegateRegisterShare)
public static IEnumerator AutoComplete(AutoCompleteRequest request, DelegateStringAnswer delegateAutoComplete)


The SDK provides multiples scenes to get a quick look of the usage of this SDK.

  • HourlyTrendingExample
  • SearchExample
  • TagsExample
  • TrendingExample
  • SearchSuggestionsExample
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