Image classification library for easily training and deploying models
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TensorImage is and open source image classification library designed to easily train and deploy models.

The main features are:

  • Image classification model training. A wide range of data augmentation operations to boost testing accuracy and prevent overfitting are available

  • Training clusters -- makes hyperparameter tuning easier and faster by automatically comparing performance of different models

  • Organization -- all files, data and trained models are automatically stored and ordered inside your workspace directory which can be accessed at any time

  • Large-scale deployment of trained image classification models -- generating more training data for further improved classification


From the terminal:

$ pip3 install tensorimage


You can view TensorImage's documentation here.


If you are experiencing any errors or bugs, please report them in the issues section or contact us at


If you have any ideas for features that should be added to TensorImage, please feel free to fork TensorImage and open a pull request.