Map navigator for disabled people
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Map navigator for disabled people


To compile:

  1. Install JDK from: -- Verified jdk version is 1.8.0_25

  2. Setup JAVA_HOME environment variable (must point to your jdk location)

  3. Download Apache Maven binaries from -- Verified maven version is 3.2.3

  4. Unpack maven somewhere and setup MAVEN_HOME and M2_HOME environment variables to point maven folder

  5. Add $JAVA_HOME/bin and $M2_HOME/bin to your PATH environment variable

  6. Cd to Smooth folder and type 'mvn clean package', Successful result is that target/smooth.war appear.


To run:

  1. You can add jetty plugin to pom.xml and run it. Not implemented.

  2. Download glassfish server from --Verified server is glassfish-4.1

  3. Unpack it somewhere, setup GLASSFISH_HOME env variable, add $GLASSFISH_HOME/bin to PATH

  4. Start server: 'asadmin start-domain domain1'

  5. Deploy app: navigate into Smooth folder and type 'asadmin deploy --name smooth target/smooth.war'

  6. Go to 'localhost:8080/smooth'