MATLAB script for adding tidal turbines to Delft3D models as porous plates
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MATLAB script for representing tidal turbines in Delft3D-Flow models by representing them as porous plates.

This script takes a CSV file of turbine locations and produces a .ppl file of porous plate specifications for Delft3D-Flow.

Further information on this implementation is available in: Baston S, Waldman S & Side J (2014) “Modelling energy extraction in tidal flows”, Position Paper, output of the TeraWatt UKCMER Grand Challenge project. Rev. 3.1 issued 2015. Available at

If you use it in a project that leads to a report or publication I would appreciate (a) knowing about it; (b) acknowledgement; and, if appropriate, a citation for the following paper for which it was developed:

Waldman S, Baston S, Nemalidinne R, Chatzirodou A, Venugopal V, Side J, “Implementation of tidal turbines in MIKE 3 and Delft3D models of Pentland Firth & Orkney Waters” (2017) Ocean & Coastal Management.


  • Only valid for rectilinear grids in lat/lon coordinates (that is, rectilinear if unprojected)
  • When converting between lat/lon and metres the script makes the approximation that any given cell is rectangular, but allows for the size of that rectangle to be different across the domain. Be careful with very large cells, or with very high latitudes.

Improvements to this script are welcome. The latest version may be found at

-Simon Waldman.

Address for correspondance or queries: