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Releases: TerabyteQbt/meta


26 Aug 09:44
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Release on Thu 26 Aug 2021 02:39:09 AM PDT by cmyers


16 Mar 17:46
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Release on Fri Mar 16 10:45:15 PDT 2018 by cmyers


27 Aug 19:41
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Release on Sun Aug 27 12:42:30 PDT 2017 by cmyers

QBT Legacy

17 May 00:28
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Maintaining backwards compatibility (the ability to read old manifests) has become untenable. This is the last version of QBT that can read manifest versions V0 - V3 (but the tagged version itself points to the rewritten history that has the new unversioned manifest throughout history).

The "current" QBT binaries can thus build this version of QBT, which can read old (un-filtered) histories.

You can use this version to update an entire history to V3 by running this command:

git filter-branch -f --tree-filter "qbt updateManifest --upgrade"

Because there won't be a qbt-config file, you might need to add that flag. If you have overrides checked out, you should ignore them via that config file, using NO_OVERRIDES=1 if you have that. For me, the command I ended up running looks like this:

git filter-branch -f --tree-filter "NO_OVERRIDES=1 qbt updateManifest --config /path/to/my/qbt-config --upgrade"

Where "qbt" is this version of QBT. Future manifest upgrades will work similarly with a version of QBT which can read the old format and write the new one.

Migrating from V3 to "the unversioned manifest" is a special case, and can be accomplished by simply removing the version tag (V3 and V4 are identical except for the version):

git filter-branch -f --tree-filter "sed -i -e '1d' qbt-manifest"


17 May 01:13
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Release on Tue May 16 18:11:20 PDT 2017 by cmyers


13 Mar 17:44
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Release on Mon Mar 13 10:44:33 PDT 2017 by cmyers