A Python Module to make it easy to script powerful interactions with Teradata Database in a DevOps friendly way.
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Teradata Python DevOps Module Build Status

The Teradata Python Module is a freely available, open source, library for the Python programming language, whose aim is to make it easy to script powerful interactions with Teradata Database. It adopts the philosophy of udaSQL, providing a DevOps focused SQL Execution Engine that allows developers to focus on their SQL and procedural logic without worrying about Operational requirements such as external configuration, query banding, and logging.


[sudo] pip install teradata

The module is hosted on PyPi: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/teradata


Documentation for the Teradata Python Module is available on the Teradata Developer Exchange.


To execute the unit tests, you can run the following command at the root of the project checkout.

python -m unittest discover -s test

The unit tests use the connection information specified in test/udaexec.ini. The unit tests depend on Teradata ODBC being installed and also on access to Teradata REST Services.