Kylo is a data lake management software platform and framework for enabling scalable enterprise-class data lakes on Apache Hadoop and Spark. Kylo is licensed under Apache 2.0 and contributed by Think Big, A Teradata Company
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commons Code cleanup based on Coverity and Sonarqube results Nov 6, 2017
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docs Begin 0.8.4-SNAPSHOT Aug 31, 2017
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integration-tests KYLO-390 Support for other databases, initial commit, work in progress Mar 24, 2017
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alt Kylo

Kylo is an enterprise-ready data lake management software platform for Hadoop and Spark integrating best practices around metadata management, governance, and security learned from over Think Big's 150+ successful big data projects.

Visit and unlock the power of Kylo today!

Quick Start

You can download a pre-configured sandbox and get started with Kylo in no time. To get started visit the Quick Start page.


Please visit Kylo documentation to learn more.

Issues and Support

To raise issues with Kylo, please register and visit the Jira instance.

For support, questions can be asked on the Google Groups group.

Code Structure

The layout of code in the following subtrees follows particular reasoning described below:

Subfolder Description
commons Utility or common functionality
core API frameworks that can generally used by developers to extend the capabilities of Kylo
docs Documentation that should be distributed as part of release
integrations Pure integration projects with 3rd party software such as NiFi and Spark.
metadata The metadata server is a top-level project for providing a metadata repository
plugins Alternative and often optional implementations for operating with different distributions or technology branches
samples Sample plugins, feeds, and templates,
security Support for application security for both authentication and authorization
services Provides REST endpoints and core server-side processing
ui User Interface module for Kylo