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Longer, detailed solutions get posted to the mailing list.

Join the Slack Channel:
Join the [Slack Channel](

Lots of things happen here. Smart things. Funny things. Questions whose answer is usually 'RTFM' except we know how to say it nicely. Well, some of us do.

Once on mailing list, email a request to be added. Eventually we'll get around to a

# What is Stacki?

Stacki is a CentOS/RHEL/Ubuntu bare metal install tool that can take your servers from bare hardware (or virtual hardware) to working Linux - ready to install applications. Stacki does this at scale, so deploying 1000+ servers is no more complex than deploying one. Advanced users can use Stacki to install applications (Hadoop, OpenStack, HPC etc.). Stacki has a long history, and is in use at some of the most demanding organizations in the world.

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