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4. Events during City Development

Milan Ender edited this page Aug 22, 2016 · 3 revisions

List of the events that get sent during various stages of the growth process.

  • SettlementRegisterEvent: A settlement sends this event on spawn.
  • SettlementGrowthEvent: Each time a settlement grows, it sends this event.
  • CheckBuildingSpawnPreconditionsEvent: Before trying to spawn a parcel, the settlement sends this event. You can catch it and set a boolean. This boolean stops the attempt to place a parcel of that zone if you set it to false. Also make sure that you set isHandled to true when you modify it.
  • BuildingEntitySpawnedEvent: Whenever a building is spawned of a building prefab with isEntity = true, the created building entity sends this event.
  • OnEnterSettlementEvent: Whenever a player enters a settlement, he sends this event.
  • OnLeaveSettlementEvent: Whenever a player leaves a settlement, he sends this event.
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