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Base rail module for minecarts and such
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Rails is a Terasology module that adds rail transport into the game. It helps the player to travel far distances faster and easier than ever before.



Rails are the most fundamental part of this module. They are the tracks on which carts can travel.


A cart is a vehicle that can travel on rails. This module contains a simplistic cart which can be ridden by the player. It moves only when pushed by the player or dragged by a connected cart.


The wrench is a tool that can be used to perform specific actions like connecting carts with each other or changing the direction of a tee joint.

For additional items like locomotives and special rails to use with Rails, please take a look at the AdditionalRails module.

Getting Started

  1. Create a new world with the Rails module enabled
  2. You should see a wrench and a cart item in your inventory.
  3. Press F1 to open up the console and type in give rails:rails to obtain rail blocks, which will be available in the inventory. Repeat this step when you need more rail blocks.
  4. Place rail blocks on top of other blocks to build a track.
  5. To place a cart on a track, select the cart item in your inventory and place it (right-click) on a rail block as you would place a normal block. The cart will automatically align itself with the track.

Creating Tracks

Tracks are built by placing rail blocks. When a rail block is placed, it automatically connects to nearby rail blocks to form contiguous track segments. Rail blocks can be straight or sloped and can form a corner, T (tee) junction, or an intersection.

Connecting Carts

You can connect two carts as follows:

  1. Place two carts on two adjacent rail blocks such that they are very close to each other.
  2. Select the wrench in your inventory and right-click on a cart
  3. You now have a connection between the two carts. On pushing one cart, the other cart should follow suit.


You can verify whether or not all of the functionality in Rails is working perfectly by following the Test Plan that has been written in the repository's wiki.

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