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Git tag labeller plugin for CCNET

This labeller plugin builds the CCNet internal label from the last tag on a git repository branch - usually downloaded using the git source control provider.

As any other CCNet labeller, used in conjunction with the AssemblyInfo task in MsBuildTasks or with a manual script it allows setting the AssemblyVersion - AssemblyFileVersion attributes of an MSBuild project.

Building the label

The resulting label is built from the output of this command:

git describe

If the last commit is the one pointed by the tag, the returned label is just the tag name - without the optional prefix, and optionally auto-incremented: see below.

Otherwise, the number of commits ahead the tag is combined with the tag name to build the label. Several options are available, configuring the commitCountAction element (see example below)

  • concatenate - a dot is added to the tag name, followed by the commit count.
  • replace - the last part of the tag (following the last dot) is replaced by the commit count.
  • ignore - the commit count is not used, the last tag name is always used as label.

If concatenate or replace are used, an optional commitCountOffset may be specified

If ignore is used, and the label has the 'N.N.N.N' assembly version format (after stripping the optional prefix from the tag) an optional autoIncrement setting may be specified with the following values:

  • 'none' (default) - do not auto increment
  • 'revision' - auto increment revision (4th segment)
  • 'build' - autoincrement build (3rd segment). If build segment is incremented, revision segment is set to zero.

In all cases:

  • if a skipPrefix value is provided, that prefix is extracted from the first part of the tag name.
  • if a branch value is provided, the specified branch is checked out before building the label with git describe. This is useful when working with 'release' branches that have their own tags


Example 1: replace

  • code is 3 commits ahead of 'v1.0.12.0' tag
  • skipPrefix is configured as 'v'
  • commitCountAction is configured as 'replace'
  • commitCountOffset is configured as 100
  • ==> the resulting label is ''

This allows for handling both QA commits (having no tag) and tagged releases, as suggested in this post: Get Going with a Minimalistic Git Workflow

Example 2: concatenate

  • code is 3 commits ahead of 'ReleaseCandidate' tag
  • commitCountAction is configured as 'concatenate'
  • ==> the resulting label is 'ReleaseCandidate.3'

Example 3: ignore + autoincrement

  • last tag is 'v4.0.2.17' (with or without further commits)
  • skipPrefix is configured as 'v'
  • commitCountAction is configured as 'ignore'
  • autoIncrement is configured as 'revision'
  • ==> the resulting label is ''

This is useful for a "tag based autoincremental" versioning, when combined with some way of pushing the label as a new tag into the repository - see git source control plugin for more information.


<labeller type="gitTagLabeller">
  • commitCountOffset is optional (defaults to 0)
  • autoincrement is optional (defaults to none)
  • skipPrefix is optional
  • executable is optional (by default searchs in PATH)
  • dynamicValues: starting with version 1.0.1 of this plugin, dynamic values may be used either explicitly or by implied replacement.

How to make use of the label

  • In an MSBuild target you may access the value as $(CCNetLabel)
  • In NAnt you may use $[CCNetLabel]
  • To use the value inside the CCNet config blocks, you need to write it as a dynamic parameter, i.e. $[$CCNetLabel] . This is valid only for CCNet 1.5+


  • Before building, update the ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.dll and ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Remote.dll in the lib folder with the ones corresponding to your CCNET version (found in server subfolder of the CruiseControl.Net program files folder)

  • Build the solution

  • Copy the resulting ccnet.GitTagLabeller.plugin.dll into the server subfolder.

NOTE: the assembly file name must follow the ccnet.*.plugin.dll pattern - in order to be loaded by CCNET


The plumbing for the plugin code (Visual Studio project and interfaces to implement) was taken from Matthias Hurrle CCNet Git Revision Labeller plugin. Thanks!


CCNet labeller plugin: Builds a label based on the last Git tag and the commits ahead of it.







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