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Welcome to Chariteer Client Side!

This is the Chariteer client version. For the API version, please see Chariteer API. The API side is required to run the client side. See the client-side for the full documentation of this project.


This project is generated with yo angular generator version 0.12.1. Before you get started with this project, it is important to set up the correct environment.

Steps to setup environment (note that these works for Ubuntu and Mac OS):

  1. Install npm, sudo npm install npm -g. This will install npm as an administrator.
  2. Install Yeoman, npm install -g yo.
  3. Install yo, grunt-cli, bower, generator-angular and generator-karma: npm install -g grunt-cli bower yo generator-karma generator-angular. See yo angular generator for more details but this step should be sufficient.
  4. git clone
  5. In the directory, run bower install & npm install.
  6. Run grunt serve to run the client-side server.

Note that the API version has to be run at the same time.