@TermiT TermiT released this Apr 3, 2016 · 13 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Mouse support: use mouse wheel to choose a clipping and double click to paste it
  • Favourites: press f to switch to favourites mode, press F to add clip to favourites
  • Added option to move pasted item to top of a stack
  • Added black Flycut icon
  • Added source app and timestamp to clipping objects so that it can be displayed in the bezel along with the clipping
  • Added merge all function
  • Add support for searching clippings via a search box in the Flycut menu
  • Improved password fields filtering
  • Option to Save (s key) / save-and-delete (S key) clippings from the Bezel to the Desktop.
  • Support only OSX 10.7+
  • Removed bugged popup animation
  • Removed bugged dropbox sync
  • Prevented switching to the discrete GPU on 2011 MacBook Pros and later
  • Performance improved
  • Fixed creation of empty clipping
  • Fixed terminal blanks when clipboard selection is changed
  • Fixed problem with Emacs 24 event loop
  • Fixed issue when Flycut didn't save preferences on exit
  • Fixed issue when Bezel appeared on wrong screen
  • A ton of other bug fixes and changes

Thanks to all contributors!