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Termina for macOS

The macOS version of Termina

Swift Version

Termina for macOS on MacBook Pro

Termina is a fun single-user, level-based user dungeon game for macOS and Linux.

This repository provides the source code for the macOS version of the game and the project files needed via Xcode.


  • Infinite room generation from templates
  • Experience and level systems
  • Attack and heal system
  • Persistent data and import from Termina Base
  • Inventory system
  • Platforming


Currently, there aren't any releases ready.

If you prefer testing builds, you may want to consider the Termina for macOS Beta Program.

Building from source

This project makes use of CocoaPods and the AppCenter framework to compile and run this game. These frameworks are usually used for the Beta Program and its analytic features.

  1. Clone the project locally and ensure that you have installed CocoaPods (if you use Homebrew, type brew install cocoapods in a terminal).
  2. In a terminal, type pod install to install the framework.
  3. Open the workspace in Xcode and change the developer signing to your own account.
  4. Build and run the application. If you want to make a release rather than a debug version, change the scheme from 'Termina' to 'Termina (Release)'.
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