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An open source Discord Bot listing website using Eris, Express and RethinkDB (and no jQuery if you select the <table> theme)

Development Team

Category People
Lead Developer 7coil#3175 (@lepon01)
Secondary Developer Devoxin#0387 (@Devoxin)


Language Name
Chinese The Double-Eyed Bus#6889 (@austinhuang0131)
Dutch Auxim#2994 (@GeoffreyWesthoff)
French Yvan#5761 (@lepeli)
French iDroid#4441 (@iDroid27210)
German MrLar#8117 (@MrLar)
Swedish Mackan#7196 (@Sven65)


  1. Install imagemagick, Node.js v9.5.0, npm 5.6.0, RethinkDB
  2. Run rethinkdb
  3. git clone
  4. cd
  5. npm i
  6. cp config/default.rename.json config/default.json
  7. Edit config/default.json
  8. npm start

Installation on Docker

  1. git clone && cd
  2. docker-compose build to build the container
  3. docker-compose up to start the container
  4. docker-compose start to start the container in the background

Notice, when updating the list, you must pull and then docker-compose build to update


  1. Edit locales/{locale}.json
  2. Add the tag lang_{locale} in your new file as well as en-gb.json


CC0 Read LICENCE for full licence. Files may be marked with "Unlicence" - This is just being lazy and not editing them.