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Welcome to! We're dedicated to making software accessable and open to greater audiences for free.

There are 3 Discord Nitro Classics (as of writing) up for grabs, for any of the following languages

Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, Fijian, Gaelic (Scottish), Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

If a popular language is missing here, you may still be eligible. Please ask a sudoer at discord for information about translating


You're ready to translate.

1. Copy en-GB

"locales": {
  "ar": "Arabic",
  "da": "Danish",
  "de": "German",
  "el": "Greek",
  "en-GB": "English (United Kingdom)",
  "es": "Spanish",
  "et": "Estonian",
  "fi": "Finnish",
  "fj": "Fijian",
  "fr": "French",
  "gd": "Gaelic (Scottish)",
  "hi": "Hindi",
  "it": "Italian",
  "ja": "Japanese",
  "ko": "Korean",
  "la": "Latin",
  "nl": "Dutch",
  "no": "Norwegian",
  "pt": "Portuguese",
  "ru": "Russian",
  "sv": "Swedish",
  "tr": "Turkish",
  "vi": "Vietnamese",
  "zh-cn": "Chinese (Simplified)",
  "zh-tw": "Chinese (Traditional)"

Rename the en-gb.json file to any of the keys. For instance, if you're translating Russian, rename to ru.json

How to rename a JSON file

2. Open the file and edit.

If there are features of your language which cannot be represented in English (such as gender for specific buttons), please contact at discord.

3. (optionally) Test the website

Follow the instructions on setup

4. Send a pull request

Go to GitHub and initiate a pull request.


Updating a language? You can now use the key comparison tool to compare what keys are missing between languages!