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Command line file manager in Rust with VIM-inspired keybindings.

NOTE!! This is still in Work in Progress and not usable for daily use until version 0.1.0 is released.

Design Goals

  • Fast: The application should be snappier at startup times after reading all necessary configs, loading resources, etc.
  • Fully operational: Most of the features of a morden file manager should be implemented, although support for uncommon features should be offloaded to scripts/plugins
  • Keyboard Driven: The whole idea of the project is based upon the keyboard driven approach inspired from vim.
  • Functional: Composition/chaining of vim-like commands based on your existing muscle memory, to just get things done. I am not inclined towards defining new set of keybindings/commands until unless it is absolutely necessary!

Possible future goals

  • 24-bit Image: Preview image with the help of w3mimg(or possibly ueberzug).
  • Async: Make some of the core operations non-blocking
  • Extensibility: Marcos could be extended with the help of plugins
  • Support for lua/python plugins: Plugins can be written in lua/python languages

Key bindings

Only some key bindings are implemented as of now. All mentioned key bindings will be implemented before 0.1.0 release.

Key Action
q Exit marcos
j Select item down
k Select item up
h Go previous (left)
l Go next(right)
: Activate command mode
gg Go to the first selection
G Go to the last selection
[count]G Go to the [count] item
za Toggle visibility of hidden items
y Yank(Copy) the selected file/folder(Similar to Ctrl-c)
x Cut the selected file/folder(similar to Ctrl-x)
p Paste the Copied/Cut file/folder(Similar to Ctrl-v)
r Rename selected file/folder
dd Delete selected file/folder(with confirmation)
o Create new file(touch filename)
O Create new directory (mkdir dirname)
P Paste the Copied/Cut file/folder replacing existing with same name(with Confirmation)
mX Create a bookmark with name X
`X Jump to bookmark with name X
n Move to next match
N Move to previous match
/ Search
v Starts visual mode, selects all files until you press ESC
V Visual mode, select all
Ctrl+r Refresh(listings, data, cache, etc)
ESC Get me out!


The best way to learn and know about the structure is by reading the docs by running:

cargo doc --open

Besides, I try my best to include relevant comments and TODO[detail] tags.


📓 Command line file manager in Rust with VIM-inspired key-bindings




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