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Terminus-Bot: The IRC Bot to End All Others #Terminus-Bot

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About the Bot

Terminus-Bot is an IRC bot written in Ruby under the MIT license.

The authors of the project are long-time IRC bot users and have struggled with most of the other bots that are currently available. We know what sucks, and what we needed, so we created this.

Terminus-Bot is the last bot you'll ever need — the terminus of your search.

It is the first and primary project of the Terminus-Project team.


  • Linux
  • Ruby 2.0 or above
  • gems (mandatory)
    • eventmachine (should be built with SSL support)
    • psych (included psych has UTF-8 bugs)
  • gems (for some scripts)
    • htmlentities
    • multi_json
    • psych 1.2.2
    • dnsruby (dns script)
    • em-http-request (http_client module and all scripts that use it)
    • em-whois (whois script)
    • ruby-mpd (mpd script)
  • Script Dependencies
    • netutils: ping, ping6, mtr

How to use Terminus-Bot

Installation and Configuration

See doc/

After that, if you are interested in running Terminus-Bot in a Docker container, see doc/

Code Documentation and Guides

Documentation, including most internal and scripting APIs, is hosted at These docs are a work in progress; contributions are welcome!

You may also generate these docs by running yard from the project root (this requires the yard and redcarpet gems).


This is a complete list of all official scripts that are distributed with the bot. Commands provided by each script are listed here. For more complete information on what a command does and how to use it, you should view the on-IRC help for the command by using the help script's HELP command.

In these examples, the command prefix used is @. When using the bot, be sure to use whichever command prefix you set in the core configuration block.


Create and log in to bot accounts. This script is required if you want access to administrative functions.


  • IDENTIFY - Log in to the bot.
  • REGISTER - Register a new account on the bot.
  • PASSWORD - Change your bot account password.
  • FPASSWORD - Change another user's bot account password.
  • LEVEL - Change a user's account level.
  • ACCOUNT - Display information about a user.
  • WHOAMI - Display your current user information if you are logged in.


Manage the bot's core functionality.


  • RELOAD - Reload one or more scripts.
  • UNLOAD - Unload one or more scripts.
  • LOAD - Load the specified script.
  • REHASH - Reload the configuration file.
  • NICK - Change the bot's nick for the current connection.
  • QUIT - Kill the bot.
  • RECONNECT - Reconnect the specified connection.


Announce away status in channel when users are highlighted. This is pretty annoying, but some archaic IRC clients don't know how to mark away users in the nick list, so this can be useful.


  • AWAY - Enable or disable away status announcements for the current channel.


React to ^H, ^W, ^U, and ^Y by displaying the resulting text.

  • ^H - Backspace
  • ^W - Delete last word
  • ^U - Delete line
  • ^Y - Paste buffer (from ^W or ^U)


Convert a number from one numeric base to another.


  • BASE - Convert a number from the specified base to another specified base.
  • HEX - Convert a number between decimal and hexadecimal.


Facilitate PRNG-based role-play battle games. No turn-based enforcement is done, so it is up to the users how to use this. Once a battle is started, interaction is done with IRC actions (/me). For example:

<@Kabaka> @battle start
<Terminus-Bot> Kabaka has started a battle!
<Terminus-Bot> To attack other players, use /me attacks TARGET with ITEM
<Terminus-Bot> You may check the health of active players by using the HEALTH command.
* Kabaka attacks aji with Hammer of Thor
<Terminus-Bot> Kabaka's Hammer of Thor hits aji for 12 damage.
<Terminus-Bot> aji has 88 health remaining.
* aji attacks Kabaka with pointy sticks
<Terminus-Bot> Kabaka absorbs the hit and gains 20 health!
<Terminus-Bot> Kabaka has 120 health remaining.

Starting health, the amount of damage that is possible, and the chance of hits being ineffective is all configurable in terminus-bot.conf. Any players in the channel may join in at any time. In large channels, this can get incredibly hectic, so it is strongly recommended that this script only be used in smaller channels.


  • BATTLE - Start, stop, or reset the battle in the current channel.
  • HEALTH - View the health of all active players in this channel.
  • HEAL - Heal players to maximum health.


Log channel activity to disk. To disable logging for a specific channel, use the bot's script flags to disable the script in those channels. Logs are written to var/terminus-bot/chanlog/ with the file name format

This script is still experimental and will be subject to extensive changes before beta.


Join and part channels, and maintain the list of channels the bot tries to occupy. Without this script loaded, the bot will not attempt to join any channels and will not rejoin channels the next time it starts.


  • JOIN - Join a channel with optional key.
  • PART - Part a channel
  • CYCLE - Part and then join a channel.
  • JOINCHANS - Force the join channels event.


Lets the bot make decisions for you. There are two types of questions you may ask the bot: Yes/no questions and questions with multiple answers.

To ask a question, begin your message with the bot's commmand prefix followed by a space. For example:

<Kabaka> @ Should I go to bed?
<Terminus-Bot> Kabaka: No

<Kabaka> @ Ruby, Python, or C?
<Terminus-Bot> Kabaka: Ruby


Encode and decode text using basic ciphers.


  • ENCODE - Encode some text using a particular cipher and key.
  • DECODE - Decode some text using a particular cipher and key.
  • CIPHERS - List the available ciphers.
  • ROT13 - Alias for encode/decode rot 13.


Give the bot the ability to respond to some CTCP requests. Without this, the bot will not be able to respond to things like CTCP PING and CTCP VERSION.

Available CTCPs:

  • VERSION - Reply with the bot's version.
  • URL - Reply with the bot's home page address.
  • TIME - Reply with the current time, formatted according to RFC 822.
  • PING - Reply with the text we were sent.
  • CLIENTINFO - Reply with a list of supported CTCP commands.


Search for and look up images on Derpibooru. Search syntax is identical to that on the web site.


    • IMAGE - Display information about the given image ID.
    • SEARCH - Look up the most recent image with the given tags.
    • RANDOM - Show a random, somewhat recent image with the given tags.


Perform DNS look-ups.


  • DNS - Perform a DNS look-up.
  • RDNS - Perform a reverse DNS look-up.




  • ASK - Ask DuckDuckGo to complete a complex query. See
  • DDG - Retrieve the first instant search result from DuckDuckGo.
  • DEFINE - Fetch a short definition or other information about a given term.


Search for and look up iamges on e621. Search syntax is identical to that on the site.


  • E621
    • IMAGE - Display information about the given image ID.
    • SEARCH - Look up the most recent image with the given tags.
    • RANDOM - Show a random, somewhat recent image with the given tags.



  • EVAL - Run raw Ruby code.


Get up-to-date exchange rates from Requires an API key. Sign up free:


  • EXCHANGE - Get the current exchange rate for the given currencies.


Remember and recall short "factoids." Factoids are short blocks of text. For example:

<Kabaka> @remember Ruby is the best programming language
<Terminus-Bot> I will remember that factoid. To recall it, use FACTOID. To delete, use FORGET.
<Kabaka> @factoid Ruby
<Terminus-Bot> ruby is the best programming language
<Kabaka> @forget ruby
<Terminus-Bot> Factoid forgotten.


  • REMEMBER - Remember the given factoid.
  • FORGET - Forget this factoid.
  • FACTOID - Retrieve a factoid.


Manage the bot's script flags table.

This script is experimental and will be subject to change before beta.

Terminus-Bot allows you to enable or disable scripts per-channel. This is done using script "flags." Flags can be on or off for any script in any channel on any server.

When accessing or modifying the flags table, wildcards are supported.

For example, if we want to disable all scripts on the Freenode network:

<Kabaka> @disable freenode * *

If we want to see what scripts are enabled in the #Terminus-Bot channel on StaticBox:

<Kabaka> @flags freenode #Terminus-Bot *


  • ENABLE - Enable scripts in the given server and channel.
  • DISABLE - Disable scripts in the given server and channel.
  • FLAGS - View flags for given servers, channels, and scripts.


Interact with

Note: for access to character information, the character owner must have enabled API access in their account settings.


  • F-LIST
    • CHARACTER - Look up general info about the given character.
    • COMPARE - Compare the kinks of two characters.


Interact with the FOAAS service at


  • FUCK
    • OFF - Tell someone how much you are enjoying talking with them.
    • YOU - Express your feelings for someone.
    • THIS - Declare your dislike of something.
    • THAT - Declare your dislike of something else.
    • EVERYTHING - Declare your hatred for the world.
    • EVERYONE - Announce your displeasure with the people around you.
    • DONUT - Give someone a helpful suggestion.
    • LINUS - Direct a useful quotation from Linus at someone.
    • PINK - The best color.


Provides a few basic gaming commands.


  • DICE - Roll dice.
  • EIGHTBALL - Shake the 8-ball.
  • COIN - Flip a coin.
  • RPS - Play Rock-paper-scissors against the bot.


"Translate" text using Gizoogle.

Note: Gizoogle has no API as of the time of writing, so this script scrapes the web page. Because of this, it may be prone to breakage.


  • GIZOOGLE - Translate the given text.


Search the Internet with Google.


  • G - Search for web pages using Google.
  • GIMAGE - Search for images using Google.
  • GVIDEO - Search for videos using Google.
  • GBOOK - Search books using Google.
  • GNEWS - Search news using Google.


Provide on-IRC help for bot commands and scripts.


  • HELP - Show help for the given command or a list of all commands.
  • SCRIPT - Show a description of the given script or a list of all scripts.


Get jokes from the Internet Chuck Norris Database.


  • NORRIS - Get a joke. Optionally, include a first and last name to use instead of "Chuck Norris."


Allows the bot to play Idle RPG and/or interface with an XML API to look-up information about other players.


  • IDLERPG - Get information about players on this network's IdleRPG game.


Manage the bot's ignore list. Ignores are wildcard-matched strings in the format nick!user@host.


  • IGNORE - Ignore the given hostmask.
  • UNIGNORE - Remove the given ignore.
  • IGNORES - List all active ignores.


Check the availability and responsiveness of web services.

URI syntax is the usual protocol://hostname:port. If no port is given and the protocol has a default port, it is used.

Supported protocols are currently:

  • HTTP


  • CHECK - Check the service at the given URI for proper response and response time.


Track user "karma" based on observed nick++ and nick-- messages.


  • KARMA - Show your karma or the karma of another user.


Access information on

Script script is experimental and will be subject to change before beta.


  • NP - Show the currently playing track for the given user.
  • TASTEOMETER - Show the musical compatibility of two users.


Retrieve Lorem Ipsum placeholder text from


  • LOREM - Retrieve and display one paragraph of Lorem Ipsum text.


Generate "Let Me Google That For You" links.


  • LMGTFY - Output a link to the "Let Me Google That For You" site with the given query.


Log all messages the bot sees. Messages are logged to the core logger, so information is in var/terminus-bot.log. This script is primarily intended for developer use and will not be helpful to most users.


Create Markov chains based on word statistics collected by the bot.

This script is experimental and will be subject to change before beta.

If you are in a low-memory environment, do not use this script!


  • MARKOV - Manage the Markov script.
  • CHAIN - Generate a random Markov chain.


Interface with a Music Player Daemon script and optionally announce status changes to an IRC channel (useful for Internet radio stations).


  • MPD - Interact with MPD. Parameters:
    • NEXT - Play the next track in the queue.
    • PREVIOUS - Play the previous track in the queue.
    • STOP - Stop playback.
    • PLAY - Start or resume playback.
    • PAUSE - Pause playback.
    • SHUFFLE - Shuffle the queue.
    • UPDATE - Begin MPD database update.
    • RESCAN - Begin MPD database update, also rescanning unchanged files.
    • SEARCH? - Search the database for matching tracks, any tag.
    • COUNT? - Search the database, exact matches only. Parameters: tag values
    • NEXT? - Show the name of the next track that will be played.
    • QUEUE? - Show information about the current queue.
    • NP? - Show the currently playing track.
    • AUDIO? - Show technical information about the currently playing track.
    • DATABASE? - Show information about the MPD database.


Convert text to the NATO phonetic alphabet.


  • NATO - Convert text to the NATO phonetic alphabet.


Provides access to network tools such as ping and mtr.

The ping and mtr utilities must be installed on the host system and accessible to whatever user started the bot. For IPv6 commands to work, the host system must have IPv6 connectivity.


  • ICMP - Check if the given host is up and answering pings.
  • ICMP6 - Check if the given IPv6 host is up and answering pings.
  • MTR - Show data about the route to the given host.
  • MTR6 - Show data about the route to the given IPv6 host.


Show information about the networks to which the bot is connected.


  • NETWORKS - Show a list of networks to which the bot is connected.


Retrieve interesting number facts from


  • NUMBERS - Show a fact about the given number. Optionally, include a type, such as "date".


Allows users to check the round-trip time for a CTCP PING with the bot.


  • PING - Measure the time it takes for the bot to receive a reply to a CTCP PING from your client.


Reply to server PINGs. Without this script loaded, the bot will frequently disconnect due to ping timeouts.


Track user K intake.


  • POTASSIUM - Check your potassium or the potassium of another user.
  • HYPERKALAEMIA - Find out who has the most potassium.
  • HYPOKALAEMIA - Find out who has the least potassium.


Make text more colorful.

Recent messages are searched by regular expression with r//. Please your search expression between the slashes. You may include one of the following flags after the last slash:

  • i - Case-insensitive search.
  • r - Randomize colors.
  • b - Change background color.
  • w - Change colors per word rather than per character.
  • l - Change colors for the entire line rather than per character.
  • s - Remove formatting from matching message.



  • RAW - Send raw text over the IRC connection.


Handle reddit URLs and interact with reddit.


  • SERENDIPITY - Get a random reddit post.


Perform regular expression substitutions and searches on recent messages.

Substitutions are done with sed-like message syntax: s/regex/replacement/flags

Searches are done with: g/regex/flags

For example:

<Kabaka> I'm writting documentation for Terminus-Bot!
<Kabaka> s/writting/writing/
<Terminus-Bot> <Kabaka> I'm writing documentation for Terminus-Bot!

<Kabaka> This is a test.
<Kabaka> s/[aeiou]//g
<Terminus-Bot> <Kabaka> Ths s  tst.


Relay chat between two or more channels on one or more networks.

This script is highly experimental is will be subject to change before beta. There are multiple known problems with this script, so production use is not recommended.


  • RELAY - Manage channel relays.
  • RELAYS - List active channel relays.


Russian Roulette for IRC.

If the bot is a channel operator when a user loses, the bot will kick the user. If not, it will just announce it as a channel message.


  • ROULETTE - Pull the trigger. You have a 5/6 chance of surviving.


Reverse Polish notation (postfix) calculator.


  • RPN - Perform calculations in Reverse Polish notation.

Operators for RPN command:

  • +, add - Add the two top stack values.
  • -, sub - Subtract the two top stack values.
  • *, mul - Multiply the two top stack values.
  • **, exp - Raise one top stack value to the power of the one below it.
  • %, mod - Perform modulus divsion on the two top stack values.
  • p - Print the top stack value.
  • f - Print the full stack.


Automatically check RSS and ATOM feeds and post updates to channels.


  • RSS - Manage the RSS/ATOM feeds for the current channel.


Tracks when the bot has last seen a nick speaking.


  • SEEN - Check when the given user was last seen speaking on IRC.


Retrieve submission information and other data from


Provides a link to the bot's home page.


  • SOURCE - Share info about the bot and its source code.


Allows bot admins to use the bot to speak and perform actions.


  • SAY - Speak the given text.
  • ACT - Act the given text (CTCP ACTION).


Leave messages for inactive users. This is basically an in-channel MemoServ. If MemoServ is available, it is almost definitely a better solution, as this script has some privacy and abuse concerns.


  • TELL - Have the bot tell the given user something the next time they speak.



  • TIME - Get the current time with optional time format.


Display the titles of web pages when the bot sees links in channels.

In addition to basic title retrieval, the bot handles several special cases:

  • YouTube videos
  • Twitter posts
  • GitHub repositories
  • GitHub commits
  • deviantART posts
  • stories
  • Derpibooru posts

More sites may be added later.


Provides an interface to


  • TRANSLATE - Translate words using


Look up UPC codes on


  • UPC - Look up a UPC code.



  • UPTIME - Show how long the bot has been active.


Look up words on

Uses the new (unannounced?) JSON API.


  • UD - Fetch the definition of a word from If no word is given, fetch a random definition.


Look up weather on

Locations can be specified in many ways for this script. For instance, you can give a zip code, city/state, or a weather station identifier.


  • WEATHER - View current conditions for the specified location.
  • TEMP - View the current temperature for the specified location.
  • FORECAST - View a short-term forecast for the specified location.


Look up domain registration information.


  • WHOIS - View domain registration informatiaon for the specified domain name.


Look up information and pages on Wikipedia. Queries are searches, so it isn't important that you provide an exact page title.


  • WIKI - Search Wikipedia for the given text.


Look up information on Xbox Live players and games.


  • XBOX - Display inforation about Xbox Live players.
    • PROFILE - Show the current status and information about the given gamer tag.


Modules are files that augment the bot's core code. They cannot be unloaded or reloaded. Some are required by some scripts.


A short-term, in-memory message history. This is used by the regex script for quick searching of recent messages for subtitution, and can easily be used by other scripts.


Client capability negotiation. With this module loaded, the bot can use modern IRC features such as multi-prefix and SASL to help improve security and reduce bandwidth usage. Loading this module is strongly recommended.


Simplifies HTTP access for scripts. This module handles redirects, timeouts, and headers.


Allows the bot to ignore other users. This is managed by the ignore script.


Provides an easy-to-use way for scripts to act on messages matching regular expressions.

For usage examples, see the Reddit script and others.


Provides an easy-to-use way for scripts to react to URLs the bot sees in chat.

For usage examples, see the title script, Wikipedia script, and others.

First Run

After you've completed configuration of the bot, type ./terminus-bot in the bot's directory. The bot will load all files and then disappear into the background. It should then connect to IRC.

Since it won't join any channels until you tell it to, you'll have to manually open a query with it by typing /query Terminus-Bot (replacing "Terminus-Bot" with whatever nick you gave the bot).

From here, you'll need to register an account with the bot. When writing the configuration file, you should have specified at least one level 10 account in the admins block. Use that account name to register your new account using the register command in the account script.

The bot should inform you that you've been logged in. Go ahead and have it join a channel using the channel script's join command.

Remember, you can use the help script's help command to get a list of commands and help with specific commands.

Reporting Problems

If you get stuck, or if something just isn't working:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Terminus-Bot.
  2. Carefully read the relevant documentation, such as help output, and this README file.
  3. Search all of the issues on the GitGub project.
  4. Either open an issue on GitHub or visit our IRC channel (listed at the top of this README) and ask about the issue there, or do both. Be ready to provide log files. This will probably include chat logs, and will almost definitely include Terminus-Bot logs with DEBUG logging enabled.