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A gameplay modification for ZDoom/Zandronum and a love letter to retro 80s/90s anime and heavy metal. Play as the most super-generic anime geocities OC and cut things to pieces with your superior eastern blade dual-wielded with impossible firearms.
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Current status: Beta (a few placeholder graphics, plenty of features need polishing, a few more to be included)


If you already have a source port: Download zip (handy link to the right), run _zip.bat

If you don't know all this newfangled Doom terminology:

  • Acquire doom.wad and/or doom2.wad (Doom2.wad allows you to play more mapsets)
  • Acquire source port (I suggest Zandronum ( ) or ZDoom/GZDoom ( || )
  • Click, drag and drop current DemonSteele .pk3 on top of Zandronum.exe or ZDoom.exe or GZDoom.exe.
  • If you want to play with a custom mapset, hold ctrl, click to select DemonSteele and mapset, drag both and drop onto .exe.
  • Enjoy.


Primary fire uses Kharon for melee, secondary fire uses gun. Kharon can cut down enemy projectiles.
Top-right meter is combo meter, goes up as you land hits on enemies. Higher ranks increases sword damage.
Bottom-left meter is soul meter, goes up as you kill enemies with the sword and drain their soul. Two notches are needed for special attacks.
Hold down fire to ready up. Double-tap a direction while readying to do a special attack.
Hold Run and a direction to dodge in that direction, passing harmlessly through projectiles.

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