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connerr3=Write error
connerr4=Read error during remote handshake
connerr5=Failed to connect to remote server
connerr6=Remote handshake failed (code %1)
connerr7=Read limit exceeded during handshake
connerr8=Read error during local handshake
connerr9=Failed to connect to local server
connerr10=Local handshake failed (code %1)
connerr11=Transfer of file descriptors failed
connerr13=Received bad protocol number %1
connerr14=Invalid local response (code %1)
connerr15=Failed to read connection id
desc1=A multiplexing terminal emulator server with many features
desc2=Establish a connection between terminal emulator servers
desc3=Query and set terminal attributes
error1=Unrecognized control sequence
exit2=Server exiting on signal
exit3=Forwarder exiting on signal
exit4=Server reported error
exit5=Forwarding error
exit6=Protocol version mismatch
exit6=Protocol version mismatch
exit7=Protocol parse error
exit8=Duplicate connection
exit9=Lost connection to server
exit10=Connection limit exceeded
exit11=Connection timed out
halt1=Restarting process
halt2=Emulator execution has finished
halt3=%1ms required before autoclose (actual: %2ms)
outcome1=Process %1 killed by signal %2 (core dumped)
outcome2=Process %1 killed by signal %2
outcome3=Process %1 exited with status %2
parse1=%1 option requires an argument
parse2=Warning: unrecognized option '%1'
parse3=No command specified
parse4=Invalid environment variable rule '%s'