Input for the TerraFERMA paper.
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TerraFERMA input files for:

  • Wilson, Cian R., Spiegelman, Marc, van Keken, Peter E., "TerraFERMA: the Transparent Finite Element Rapid Model Assembler for multi-physics problems in Earth sciences", G3, submitted

Assuming an installed version of TerraFERMA is available they can be built and run using the instructions in the manuscript or below.


  • thermal convection (isoviscous)
cd thermal_convection/isoviscous
tfbuid convection.tfml
cd build
make run
  • thermal convection (temperature dependent viscosity)
cd thermal_convection/Tdepviscosity
tfbuid convection.tfml
cd build
make run
  • magma migration
cd magma_migration
tfsimulationharness --test magmawaves.shml
  • ridge
cd ridge
tfsimulationharness --run ridgemodel.shml
  • parallel scaling
cd busse_parallel
tfsimulationharness --test busse.shml

Note that the parallel scaling test requires editting before running. It is currently set to run from 1 to 128 processes (so is not recommended on a desktop). Additionally, its highest resolution (ncells=64) has > 5 million dofs (also not recommended on a desktop).