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TFC-Classic → TerraFirmaCraft for MC 1.7.10 [Maintenance only]
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dries007 Several (major) performance & crash fixes + version bump. Details:
+ *Massive* performance boost by changing order of `isNearSupport`.
+ Changed tickrate of cobble and other collapsing blocks to 20 (from 3)
+ Improved grass spreading performance
+ Fixed crash with BlockOre's scanVisible
+ Fixed crash with WorldGenBerryBush's createBush

Signed-off-by: Dries007 <>
Latest commit 9979960 Sep 26, 2018
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gradle/wrapper Update gradle to 2.2.1 Dec 10, 2014
run Part 1: Config related code cleanup Aug 19, 2015
.gitignore Beginning Style Cleanup using PMD. Empty Code Rule Set. Aug 24, 2015
Setup.bat Added Setup.bat because I'm lazy. Run this to prepare your workspace … Dec 23, 2014
TFCASM_dummy.jar Added Core Mod functionality to TFC. Removed the RenderBlocksFixUV ha… Oct 4, 2013
TFCImports.importorder Organized Imports. Included importorder file. Aug 31, 2015
TFCRuleSet Revert PMD Rule - Return empty arrays rather than null. Fixes crash w… Sep 13, 2015
build.bat Added an easy bat file for building with gradle because I don't like … Apr 26, 2014
build.gradle Several (major) performance & crash fixes + version bump. Details: Sep 26, 2018
build.prop Several (major) performance & crash fixes + version bump. Details: Sep 26, 2018
gradlew make gradlew executable Dec 11, 2014
license.txt Upgrade to GNU GPL v3 Mar 23, 2013
tfc_credits.txt Hydra Aug 25, 2012


This project is the old, 1.7.10 TFC. It's not going to get any content updates. Existing bugs might be fixed, but no guaranties. Consider this project deprecated.

For active development, check out the 1.12+ version.

Table of Contents


The goal of TFC is to make things more believable, and to give the player a sense of accomplishment. Mastering skills, and searching far and wide to gather materials before you can build amazing castles, homes, fortresses, towns, cities, etc. The overhauled terrain generation also creates a beautiful, varied background as a canvas to start your builds.



This mod is licensed under GNU GPL v3


Downloads can be found on the official website.


Wiki Installation Guide

  • (Optional) When updating versions, delete your config files.
  • Install the version of Forge that was used to build TFC into your profile.
  • Place the TFC jar into your Minecraft mods folder
  • Be Awesome!


The GitHub issue tracker is only for reporting issues that appear in the latest development stage of TFC (i.e. Issues that exist when running the repository using the latest commit on the master branch, and do not exist in released versions of TFC). Any issues that can be reproduced using the current released version of the mod will simply be closed.

Issues that can be reproduced using the current released version should be posted on our support forum. The support forum also contains a list of currently known bugs.


If you would like to make a change, we ask that you please discuss it with us first, before wasting your time developing something that possibly won't be implemented. If after discussion the change is approved, you can contribute via Pull-Request.

Here are a few tips that will increase the chances of your PR being merged.

  • PR titles must be descriptive and give a general sense of what is changed.
  • PRs must contain a message that explains exactly what has been changed as well as a detailed description of why it was changed.
  • The changes should be well documented in the code. When in doubt, add a comment with an explanation. The easier it is for us to scan through the differences and understand what was changed, the more likely the PR will be merged.
  • Extensively and excessively test your changes before submitting a PR. At the bare minimum you need to load both the client and the server in the development environment, as well as compile a release to test the client and the server outside of a development environment. Do your best to use and abuse the altered system in ways the standard player may not think about.
  • Squash commits for a cleaner revision history when the PR is merged. If you have made so many changes that you require multiple commits to keep everything clean and separate, you probably should have instead split the changes into multiple PRs.

TerraFirmaCraft API

The current policy for development of the API is that changes are only made at the request of addon authors who would like improved compatibility. It isn't possible for us to think of all the different things and addon would like to implement, so if you feel that the API is lacking a specific functionality, please let us know.

The API does currently have references to the base mod, so it is unfortunately not possible to use it as a standalone in the development environment.

TerraFirmaCraft Localization

The only official localization files of TFC are en_US, en_GB, and en_CA. All other languages have been translated by players of the mod, and may not be accurate or complete. If you would like to help translate TFC into other languages, please see the forum post regarding translation. Pull requests for translations that are not made by the user managing that forum post will be closed without merging.


A list of developers and other primary contributors can be found on the official website.

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