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John Hankinson
John Hankinson committed Sep 15, 2017
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__/__/2014, v2.12:
Allow PROC definitions to overload based on parameters.
Add �macho64 output format support.
Switch fixes for negative cases and optimisations.
Removed BND prefix from JCXZ instruction group to fix encoding issues in 16/32bit.
Fixed literal string bug in 32bit mode.
Cleaned up manual and moved history/roadmap to history.txt
2.39 I
mproved string literal handling and fixed a bug where it wouldn�t work in vararg parameters.
Added DEFINE/UNDEF built-in commands.
Optimised SWITCH generated code, moved jump tables to data sections to avoid affecting code sections/code caching and line number to offset references.
Changed architecture default from AVX to SSE for improved default compatibility.
Fixed more listing issues with binary zeroes.
Improved UTF bom check performance by moving to ProcessFile (Nidud)
Fixed an encoding issue with LEA and RIP.
Fixed IFNDEF macro generation bug.
Fixed SYSCALL, FASTCALL64 and VECTORCALL parameter order and type checking bugs.
Fixed an index register encoding bug and improved checking for valid forms of vscatter and vgather.
Fixed listing bug causing a binary zero in output text.
Added support for implicit sizing and DS segment overrides for 32bit code generation.
Added support for new 64bit absolute immediate addressing modes.
Added automatic alignment check for all SIMD instructions which are not scalar.
Improved simd type coercion by testing variables (global/local) on size rather than type. This simplifies code and reduces the need to use type ptr when working with DWORD, BYTE or other data types.
Fixed a bug with literal string support handling \n escape.
Improved handling of PTR and VARARG for SystemV calls.
Fixed some register combination warnings for VCMPSD, VCMPEQSD and VCMPSS.
Added RP4/RP8 macros and case-sensitive conversion to macro library.
Added support for floating point comparison expression.
Add string literal support back into invoke.
Added �Sp command line switch to allow user specified segment alignment.
Added further Intel MPX extension support, including BND prefix support.
Added support to define return types on PROC/PROTO which enables the use of the new UINVOKE macro library function.
Fixed a number of regression issues, including several VEX encoded instructions which were not correct.
Fixed ebx.STRUCT style addressing.
Fixed SYSV support to allow ADDR in VARARGS.
Fixed a potential crash when running multiple input files.
Added initial UTF8 BOM Check
Rolled-back literal string support in favour of using existing CSTR/WSTR macros to ensure no legacy invoke calls are broken. Literal string support will be moved to a new invocation syntax.
Fixed 32bit MS FASTCALL issue.
Fixed encoding bug with VMOVQ.
Fixed VMOVSS/VMOVSD allowing 2 register form, when 3 registers are required for all-register mode and added error message for it.
Updated VECTORCALL, FASTCALL x64 to support 3 register VMOVSS/VMOVSD form if archAVX on.
Optimised and improved FASTCALL handlers and completely redeveloped SYSTEMV calling convention implementation.
Fixed a potential memory corruption bug in the symbol table.
Added support for Intel MPX extensions, bnd0-3 registers and new instructions.
Added custom USES to OO Library method definitions as well as providing a replaceable set of memory allocation macros to allow for OO use on OSX/Linux.
Fixed a nested path bug present from JWASM which caused strange assembly errors when working a nested path location.
Fixed MS Fastcall to support types other than DWORD and prevent incorrect warnings about incompatible types or redefinitions.
Improved Linux 64bit package and compilation to use clang as per OSX so both builds are compatible.
Finalized Delphi (Borland Register calling convention) and updated language type specifier to BORLAND.
Fixed some register overwrite issues with SystemV invoke.
Added two new Macro Library functions, MEMALLOC <size> and MEMFREE <ptr>
Added new built-in variable @Platform <0,1,2,3,4,5> which indicates the current output type of WIN32, WIN64, ELF32, ELF64, OSX to support cross-platform development.
Fixed a potential general failure crash with some evex encodings when no base-register present.
Fixed 32bit crash caused by Macro Library modifying read only string data.
Optimise SYSTEMV Invoke code generation.
Fixed register overwrite warnings for SYSTEMV invoke.
Fix long standing JWasm issue with source debugging information leaving out PROC source-lines when a procedure has no prologue.
Add OPTION PROC:NONE, OPTION PROC:DEFAULT to simplify switching on/off procedure prologue/epilogue.
OPTION PROC can also set prologue/epilogue simultaneously with:
OPTION PROC:PrologueMacro,EpilogueMacro
Change macro library OO functions names to use _ instead of $.
Added DELPHI language type for Borland 32bit fast-calling convention.
(experimental, pending further updates)
Fix SHR for macro expression evaluation (Fix supplied by Nidud).
Fix VARARG Register overwritten warning.
Added progressive assembly reporting, console updates per source file.
Added new command line option �less to reduce console output information.
Fixed the use of ADDR in invoke for SYSTEM V calls.
Disable generation of listing while processing built-in macro library.
Rename OO INTERFACE function in built-in macro library to OINTERFACE and ENDINTEFACE to ENDOINTERFACE to prevent conflicts with SDK headers.
Added support for USES ymm registers to stackbase:RBP 64bit mode.
Reduced stack usage for stackbase:RSP with win64:15 mode
Configured 64bit assembly to assume stackbase:rbp if nothing specified.
Continued improvement of align 16 in prologue, while reducing stack wastage.
Implemented OPTION REDZONE for SystemV ABI
Internal optimisation to character validation and hashing functions to yield 5% assembly time improvement.
Extend macrolib functionality and limit to 64bit.
Implement OO language extension framework.
Fixed literal strings including � �.
Fixed stackbase:rsp overwriting locals in some cases.
Ensure stackbase:rbp works for modes with bit 1 set.
Add support for SYSTEMV ABI.
Support for STACKBASE:ESP has been fixed
(Big thanks to MASM32 forum member Nidud)
Command line switch �nomlib added to disable internal Macro Library
OSX Build supplied
Fixed INCBIN related offset bug
Fixed COFF 32bit name mangling bug
Code paths for 64bit RSP and RBP stackbase have been completely separated, refactored and optimised.
Simplification of code generation options
Added support for inline string literals in INVOKE include L�� wide character strings.
Added support for allocating wide strings in data with dw.
Automatic integer to float promotion for data declarations and struct members.
Added new union initialisation syntax.
Added built-in macro library that precompiles and adjusts to suit currently selected architecture setting (SSE/AVX).
Fixed STACKBASE:ESP parameter positions.
Fixed STACKBASE:RSP + WIN64:11 16byte alignment.
Fixed STACKBASE:RSP parameter positions.
Fixed RBP prologue and epilogue for win64:6 and 7 modes.
Added support to INVOKE allowing XMM register parameters for FLOAT type arguments (real4 and real8).
Fixed stack and local align to 16 issues.
Added OPTION ARCH:<SSE|AVX> and command line
switches �archSSE �archAVX to change code-generation to favour SSE or AVX instructions (this is particularly relevant to invoke and prologue/epilogue generation).
Fixed opcode byte 83 to be 80 when assembler needs to assume BYTE type.
Cleaned up linnum memory allocation from switch additions.
Fixed option win64:6
Fixed corruption of structures and first proc with offset 0 bug when dumping symbols to file.
More AVX, AVX512 and MMX instruction encoding fixes.
Fixed line number debugging information corruption due to compiler check for memory address allocation.
Fixed the use of label in data section which was causing an erroneous error of �USE OF REGISTER ASSUMED TO ERROR�.
Investigated custom epilogue macro expanding on a line with a label causes backwards jumps not to evaluate distance correctly. This is not being fixed but is noted, always put RET on its own line without a label when using a custom epilogue macro.
Fixed '&&' in hll (.while, .if, .for, .repeat), added additional label
Fixed wrong locals alignment in 32 bit
Fixed error reporting for overwritten registers
Changed cmp reg,0 to test reg,reg for HLL generation
AVX 3 operand warnings for missing operands.
Support for integer values to REAL4, REAL8, REAL10 and thus FP4/8/10 macros and structures. Ideal for vectors and structure initialisation like <0, 0, 0, 1> with REAL4 typing.
Simplified symbolic debug data output via new �Fs command switch (with included file format guide)
Option flat added which enables a lower-level assembly (like fasm) and removes the need for end directive
- Adds support for USE16, USE32, USE64 to switch code-generation bit mode.
- Maintains all UASM 64bit HLL features like PROC, FRAME, INVOKE, .FOR, .SWITCH, VECTORCALL etc.
- See new example flat.asm
Fixup ORG directive generation which incorrectly pads the code buffer with 0�s instead of simply applying the address change
Add support for .labelName style labels (like nasm/fasm support)
Complete re-working of AVX2 and AVX512 code generation to ensure that encodings are separated.
Complete implementation of all missing AVX2 and AVX512 instructions.
Added extensive checking to prevent misuse of register and memory operands with AVX, AVX2 and AVX512 instructions especially where mask and decorator flags are required.
All AVX512 code now tested against Intel SDE emulation libraries.
2.15 r2
Fixed AVX2 encoding bugs.
Fixed EVEX type coercion and added automatic conversion of vmovdqa to vmovdqa32/64.
Fixed legacy jwasm issue of �ADD RSP,0� in epilogue.
Fixed a number of format compatibility options for WIN64 between UASM and JWASM for WIN64:1, no WIN64, WIN64:3. Unified the stack handling between WIN64:3 and RSP and have dropped any support for WIN64:2
Allowed xmm, ymm and zmm registers to be saved at the same time with USES.
Fixed problem with the reserved stack size
Implemented SSE compatibility with ML64 (automatic xmmword type promotion with switch �Zg)
Fixed the bug with MOVSS
Fixed EIP/RIP encoding bug
Added @ProcLine built-in equate which matches MASM/ML�s @Line value during user-defined prologue execution.
Added .switch support
Fixed 0x c style tokenization bug with immediate values
Fixed some bugs pertaining to stack prologue generation in 64bit.
First official release of Uasm, changes reflect enhancements to JWasm.
New instructions added: RDRAND, RDSEED, F16C(VCVTPH2PS, VCVTPS2PH), MOVQ and VMOVQ to supplement MOVD and bring instructions in line with Intel and AMD reference guides.
Removed warnings relating to alignment by 32 (as this is a requirement for AVX vectors), leads to clean builds.
Additional unsigned flag comparison predicates added for HLL syntax (ABOVE, BELOW)
Added support for AVX512F, ZMM registers and EVEX encoding.
RIP register support.
.FOR high level macro support and enhancements.
VEX encoded general purpose instructions added.
Support for more optimised stack and invoke usage as well as stack alignment and RSP stack base.
Fixed bug requiring the use of xmmword ptr and ymmword ptr.
Added OPTION EVEX to enable encoding of evex instructions and support for AVX512 registers.
Added OPTION ZEROLOCALS to clear all PROC local values to 0 on entry.
Fixed .WHILE loop issues present in JWASM.
Transition to Github, project taken over and renamed to UASM.
01/01/2014, v2.12:
- COMM directive: there was no check that numeric arguments 'size' or
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