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Terrastories Roadmap

Rudo Kemper edited this page Aug 31, 2022 · 30 revisions

Updated on August 31, 2022.

Please see our Vision Statement to get a big picture sense of where we're heading as well.

Note: We are currently undergoing a major refactor and the roadmap will shift substantially when completed. The work listed below still reflects what we are planning, but may have to be rescoped.

Issues marked as ATALM are in scope of a currently funded project with a dedicated software developer working on them.

If you are interested in contributing to one of these projects but can't find any relevant issues or don't know where to start, please get in touch with us!

2022 Roadmap Goals


  • Separate React from Rails back end (ATALM)
  • Improve installation workflow / convenience scripts (ATALM)
  • Improve offline mode onboarding (ATALM)
  • Build new admin UI (ATALM)

Rails CMS

  • Data structures

    • Change Topic, Language, Type of Place field to allow multiple values (tags) instead of just one (ATALM)
    • Create Caption field in Stories and Places models; display in story cards and place marker popups below photos, respectively (ATALM)
    • Create Links nested fields for Stories (starting with one, and ability to add more); display as bullets in story cards (ATALM)
    • Make it possible to add PDFs to Story cards (ATALM)
    • Add caption field for videos (ATALM)
  • User authentication & permissions

    • Granular user permissions, making it possible to set the restricted stories per username, and allow for private stories created by and only visible to logged in user (ATALM)


  • Public community mode and UI for accessing communities without logging in (ATALM)
  • Adding a new feature called a curriculum builder enabling users to create their own story lists (ATALM)
  • Color scheme / custom icons for place markers (ATALM)
  • Integrate custom error pages into Rails MVC structure (fix logos not working) (post-refactor)
  • Improve title tags across the app 760 (post-refactor)
  • Add "Home Button" image upload to Themes to set your own Nav controls icon
  • Mark optional fields as optional in admin UI (post-refactor)
  • Add ability to "pin" a story and popup to be the default first to open when loading Terrastories

Short to Medium Term

Rails CMS

  • Admin settings

    • Allow admin to set the different Filter categories (more info here)
    • Toggle to set which languages show up for a community (admin ability) 704
    • Set which optional fields are shown to a community (admin ability)
    • Set the Terrastories color scheme for a community in Theme 585
  • Importing & exporting data

    • Add ability to export / backup data and assets via admin UI (more info here)
    • Import media for online servers (issue to be written / scoped out)
    • Allow rows without media attachment to upload 476
    • Ensure that duplicate items cannot be added using the importer 224
    • Make errors visible when the importer fails 268
    • Add helpful notes about importing CSVs to Speakers and Places views in Administrate 589
  • User authentication & permissions

    • Permit users to log in / sign up with a username in addition to email 606
  • Make it possible to add media content hosted elsewhere (ie YouTube, Vimeo) as an embed (issues need to be rewritten)


  • Add full size / enlarged image mode for marker popups & content 350
  • Add coach marks / overlay for first load of the map 347
  • Create an introductory panel before displaying the StoryList in Map view 762
  • Implementing a new sidebar UI (per this wireframe for Desktop and Mobile)
  • Add visual "seen" cues to show which markers have been opened and which videos played 217


  • Add minimap to "Field Kit" (offline) mode 447
  • Let's implement clustering for points on the map 579
  • Modify rotate button to allow switching between North and orientation defined by user 169
  • In addition to storied Place markers, add storied Place polygons to the map (more info here)

Back end

Long term

These are ideas yet to be fully schematized, but a sense of where things are headed. The ideas can be individually scoped for a build-a-thon or seed funding

  • Redesign of Editor/admin back end UX/UI, with more of the core adding/editing functionality taking place directly on the map view (for example, adding points on the map, and editing stories) (more info here)
  • Redesign and streamlining of CSV importer process
  • Sharing between Terrastories communities
  • Full screen toggle for stories (a view more centered around the stories than the map)
  • Toggling between multiple layers / maps
  • Ability to set map layers shown per story
  • Find a way to display / navigate different places that are associated with a single Story
  • Incorporating Mapeo's offline map download script and workflow
  • Synchronization between Terrastories instances (such as via p2p), or with a primary cloud instance
  • Mobile application version of Terrastories
  • "Elder in your pocket" geofencing notifications when you come in proximity to a place and want to hear the story
  • Create or decide upon a better FOSS license (more info here)