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Small web-client for connecting to the virtual world of Second Life and OpenSimulator.
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Small web-client for connecting to the virtual world of Second Life™ and OpenSimulator.

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This viewer is not production ready!


Feel free to contribute in any way you like. You can't programm? You are still needed!

Please read and review the documentation. You can find it in the doc-folder.

Having questions?

Contact me at any time.

How to get started

You need to have node.js version 8.9.0 or higher installed and a Second Life account or an account on an OpenSimulator Grid. More on node.js and npm.js (npm.js comes with node.js). You can check your installed version with the command node -v.

To start open a terminal window (cmd or PowerShell on windows) in your working copy of this project. And run the command npm install. This will install all dependencies.

After that run npm run build to build the client side and make the viewer useable.

Then run npm start to start the server. Now you can use the viewer under

git clone
cd andromeda-viewer
npm install
npm run build
npm start

If you want to start developing you should run in a new terminal window npm run watch. It will build the viewer every time you make a change.

npm run watch

You can also use npm run startDev. It will start the server and also run the continuous build process!

For more information how to use npm, please read the npm-documentation.

To make the setup-process easier, everything needed for this project should be a npm dependency.

npm scripts for this project

command what it does
npm run help Prints out this
npm run build Builds the viewer. The viewer is in a unusable state after cloning.
npm run watch Builds the viewer. It continues to run and build the viewer when a file changes. This is the recommended build command while developing!
npm test Runs all tests and test:docs. Please run this before committing!
npm run test:coverage Runs all test and outputs a test coverage report. And will open the report.
npm run test:docs Runs textlint and alex.js for catching misspelled, insensitive, inconsiderate writing in the documentation.
npm run update-caps Updates all capabilities names.
npm run update-coc Updates the
npm run update-contrib Updates the
npm run fix:docs Runs textlint --fix.
npm run fix:style Runs standard --fix. It can fix many standard style rules.
npm run startDev combined npm start and npm run watch.
npm start Starts the server. The viewer can then be used on the local computer.

Enter those commands in a terminal (cmd or PowerShell on Windows) and press enter to run them.

Getting SL Protocol documentation

The SL-Wiki has most documentation for the SL-protocol.

Known Issues

If testing fails to start on MacOS.


Second Life(TM) is a product by Linden Lab. Linden Lab is not involved with this project!

This is a third-party viewer! Use it on your own risk!

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