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NationalMap is a website for map-based access to Australian spatial data from government agencies. It is an initiative of the Australian Commonwealth Government's Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the software has been developed by Data61 (formerly NICTA) working closely with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Geoscience Australia and other government agencies.

NationalMap is designed to:

  • Provide easy access to authoritative and other spatial data to government, business and public
  • Facilitate the opening of data by federal, state and local government bodies
  • Provide an open framework of geospatial data services that supports commercial and community innovation

NationalMap is powered by TerriaJS, a free, open source geospatial catalog viewer. The content is maintained in NationalMap-Catalog.

Want to make your own Terria Map?

Please don't clone this repo. Instead, start your map from, which is maintained as a starting point for third-party maps, without NationalMap branding.

See the TerriaMap documentation for more detailed information about Terria and how to build and run it.