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CircleCI Docker Pulls

Yet another Docker image for Nix.


  • terrorjack/pixie:latest only contains Nix; terrorjack/pixie:debian is based on Debian sid, terrorjack/pixie:ubuntu on Ubuntu disco.
  • nixpkgs and apt repositories are stripped from the images. Run nix-channel --add && nix-channel --update to retrieve the latest release of nixpkgs, apt update to update apt repositories.
  • For basic usage on CircleCI, install nixpkgs.{gitMinimal,openssh} before checkout. Additionally, CircleCI caching require nixpkgs.{gnutar,gzip}.
  • LANG is set to en_US.utf8 in both images.
  • For fontconfig to find the default config file, set FONTCONFIG_FILE=$(nix eval --raw nixpkgs.fontconfig.out.outPath)/etc/fonts/fonts.conf. In the Nix/Debian hybrid image, it's already set to /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, but you still need to apt install fontconfig manually first.
  • For nix-env -q to work, install less.
  • For manpages to work, install {gzip,less,man}.
  • Automatic detection of CPU core number on CircleCI is unreliable, please manually set core number based on the resource class (--cores 2 for the default medium class).
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