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Optional scripts for Boombot! Submit yours!
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Boombot Scripts

Optional Scripts for Boombot


I wanted to make scripts a little more community driven. Every time I see the modifications people have done to my scripts it made me want to have a place to share everyones personal touches. Here it is.....

How to install

  • Phase 1 - download
  • Phase 2 - copy the scripts you want into your Boombot's scripts dir
  • Phase 3 - ????
  • Phase 4 - profit.

Listing of scripts

Script listing and information

Write some of your own!

example.script.js in the examples directory will point you to your new addiction... Each script will require the 3 exports and the header comments/information.

Fork me? Fork you!

Made a script? Is it cool? Of course it is! So fork the damn repo and send me a pull request with your gift to the world. Go down in the history of Boombot as the guy who wrote that script that everyone loves!

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