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Quick and sloppy scrobbler/API wrapper for Node.js
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Simple scrobbler for node.js

Scribble down the song

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Get a API account and save the api key, api secret, and your username and password.


npm install scribble

Use it

var scribble = require('scribble');
// Build your scrobbler using your API keys and user info
var Scrobbler = new scribble('your_api_key','your_api_secret','your_lastfm_username','your_lastfm_password');
// Make a song object in your app
var song = {
  artist: 'Slayer',
  track: 'Disciple',
  album: 'God Hates Us All' // Only needed for album info call

  POST methods
  All return the XML response from the POST requesta
// Now Playing
Scrobbler.NowPlaying(song, function(post_return_data) {});
// Scrobble
Scrobbler.Scrobble(song, function(post_return_data) {});
// Love
Scrobbler.Love(song, function(post_return_data) {});

  GET methods
  All return the parsed JSON response from
// Get Album
Scrobbler.GetAlbum(song, function(ret) {});
// Get Artist Info
Scrobbler.GetArtistInfo(song.artist, function(ret) {});
// Get Similar Artists
Scrobbler.GetSimilarArtists(song.artist, function(ret) {}, optional_return_amount_defaults_to_50);
// Get Artist Events
Scrobbler.GetArtistEvents(song.artist, function(ret) {}, optional_return_amount_defaults_to_50);
// Get Artist Top Albums
Scrobbler.GetTopAlbums(song.artist, function(ret) {}, optional_return_amount_defaults_to_50);
// Get Artist Top Tracks
Scrobbler.GetArtistTopTracks(song.artist, function(ret) {}, optional_return_amount_defaults_to_50);
// Get Similar Songs
Scrobbler.GetSimilarSongs(song, function(ret) {}, optional_return_amount_defaults_to_50);
// Get Track Info
Scrobbler.GetTrackInfo(song, function(ret) {});
// Get Album Info
Scrobbler.GetAlbumInfo(song, function(ret) {});


npm install
make test
npm test
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