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#ifndef MAPGAME_H
#define MAPGAME_H
#include "Tower.h"
#include "WarpClass.h"
#include "Finalclass.h"
#include "Labclass.h"
#include "Spacestation2.h"
#include "Otherlevel.h"
#include "Entity.h"
#include "Graphics.h"
#include <vector>
#include "Music.h"
#include "editor.h"
extern editorclass ed;
class mapclass
int RGB(int red,int green,int blue);
int intpol(int a, int b, float c);
void setteleporter(int t, int x, int y);
void settrinket(int t, int x, int y);
void resetmap();
void resetnames();
void transformname(int t);
std::string getglitchname(int x, int y);
void initmapdata();
int finalat(int x, int y);
int maptiletoenemycol(int t);
void changefinalcol(int t, entityclass& obj, Game& game);
void setcol(const int r1, const int g1, const int b1 , const int r2, const int g2, const int b2, const int c);
void updatetowerglow();
void nexttowercolour();
void settowercolour(int t);
bool spikecollide(int x, int y);
bool collide(int x, int y);
void fillareamap(std::vector<std::string>& tmap);
void settile(int xp, int yp, int t);
void fillcontent(std::vector<std::string>& tmap);
int area(int _rx, int _ry);
void exploretower();
void hideship();
void showship();
void resetplayer(Graphics& dwgfx, Game& game, entityclass& obj, musicclass& music);
void warpto(int rx, int ry , int t, int tx, int ty, Graphics& dwgfx, Game& game, entityclass& obj, musicclass& music);
void gotoroom(int rx, int ry, Graphics& dwgfx, Game& game, entityclass& obj, musicclass& music);
std::string currentarea(int t);
void loadlevel(int rx, int ry, Graphics& dwgfx, Game& game, entityclass& obj, musicclass& music);
std::vector <int> roomdeaths;
std::vector <int> roomdeathsfinal;
std::vector <int> areamap;
std::vector <int> contents;
std::vector <int> explored;
std::vector <int> vmult;
std::vector <std::string> tmap;
int temp;
int temp2;
int j;
int background;
int rcol;
int tileset;
bool warpx;
bool warpy;
std::string roomname;
//Special tower stuff
bool towermode;
float ypos;
int bypos;
int cameramode;
int cameraseek, cameraseekframe;
int resumedelay;
bool minitowermode;
int scrolldir;
//This is the old colour cycle
int r, g,b;
int check, cmode;
int towercol;
int colstate, colstatedelay;
int colsuperstate;
int spikeleveltop, spikelevelbottom;
bool tdrawback;
int bscroll;
//final level navigation
int finalx;
int finaly;
bool finalmode;
bool finalstretch;
//Variables for playing custom levels
bool custommode;
bool custommodeforreal;
int customx, customy;
int customwidth, customheight;
int customtrinkets;
int customcrewmates;
int custommmxoff, custommmyoff, custommmxsize, custommmysize;
int customzoom;
bool customshowmm;
std::vector<std::string> specialnames;
int glitchmode;
int glitchdelay;
std::string glitchname;
//final level colour cycling stuff
bool final_colormode;
int final_mapcol;
int final_aniframe;
int final_aniframedelay;
int final_colorframe, final_colorframedelay;
//Teleporters and Trinkets on the map
std::vector<point> teleporters;
std::vector<point> shinytrinkets;
int numteleporters, numshinytrinkets;
bool showteleporters, showtargets, showtrinkets;
int roomtextx[100], roomtexty[100];
bool roomtexton;
std::vector<std::string> roomtext;
int roomtextnumlines;
otherlevelclass otherlevel;
spacestation2class spacestation2;
labclass lablevel;
finalclass finallevel;
warpclass warplevel;
towerclass tower;
int extrarow;
//Accessibility options
bool invincibility;
//Map cursor
int cursorstate, cursordelay;
#endif /* MAPGAME_H */
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