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Version 2.1 (work in progress, binary versions not currently live)
- Fix pattern editor letting you write out of bounds notes
[contributed by thomcc,]
- Filepath memory - Bosca Ceoil now remembers last directory used
[contributed by Ryusui,]
Version 2.0 (Current live version on and, 24th July 2015)
* Major update!
- Built in tutorial
- Resizable window
- Now exports to Midi, XM and MML
- Support for Midi importing
- Major performance improvements
- Nicer GUI, new scrollbars/buttons in various places
- Web version
Version 1.1 (1st September 2013)
- You can now zoom the arrangement view. (Use the mouse wheel, or SHIFT+ARROWS)
- Now supports double pattern sizes: up to 32 notes per pattern instead of 16.
- Added global effects (delay, chorus, distortion, a bunch more!)
- Added tab for advanced settings (replaces the weird HOLD LEFT secret)
- The .ceol file type is properly associated now. You can double click a .ceol file to load it.
- You can use WASD instead of the arrow keys now.
- Long notes stop playing when you start and stop the track.
- Support for different window sizes (x1, x2, x3 etc)
- Placing a short note on a long note removes the long note.
- Escape key quits.
- Added program icon.
- BPM now set correctly when creating new song / loading a song with a different BPM.
- Copying columns works properly now.
- Fixed fullscreen setting bug. Should remember fullscreen/window settings.
Version 1.01 (25th August 2013)
New Features:
- You can copy and paste columns from the arrangement view - copy the entire currently looping region with CTRL+C, and paste it with CTRL+V.
- A hidden advanced control panel lets you change sound buffer size (for higher quality wav exports). To acce ss this panel, HOLD LEFT on the file menu.
- Swing control (thanks @increpare!). This is in the advanced control panel too.
- Fixed a bug that caused instruments to get mixed up sometimes
- Instrument volumes are now saved correctly!
- WAV exporter now works properly when used multiple times
- Deleting patterns no longer screws up advanced filter settings
Little things:
- Patterns in arrangement view are a bit more legible when selected
- Default vertical positions of patterns in pattern editor now based on lowest note rather than O4
Version 1.0 (23rd August 2013)
Inital release.