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Most urgent recurring gameplay issues and requests #859

TerryCavanagh opened this Issue Jan 30, 2019 · 1 comment


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TerryCavanagh commented Jan 30, 2019

A lot of people discovered Dicey Dungeons in January, yikes!

The following issues come up a lot. I know I have issues about them already, but I'm going to collect them all here to have them in one place, and make sure they don't get overlooked. These issues are the most important ones in Dicey Dungeons, and should be considered a priority.


  • The Equipment screen has a number of glitches that are long overdue a fix. (#797, #700, #184, #49, #16)
  • Drinking the bear potion crashes the game (#793, #857).
  • The enemy moves preview button causes a number of glitches, including lost dice and missing actions. (#846, #817, #800, #751, #749, #712, #675)
  • Crowbar and countdowns in general have some weird buggy behaviour (#828, #549, #494, #459, #447, #394, #210)
  • Grabbing dice as they're moving in a tween breaks their position (#807)
  • Using Inventor Steal can soft-lock the game. (#732, #629)
  • It's possible for dice to overlap, and this often happens when using the Robot's Autoroll limit break (#405, #206)

Design issues

  • The game needs a short, snappy tutorial. (#441)
  • Lots of new players are finding the game too easy. (#845)
  • Level up pacing feels slightly off near the end (#847). Related: Lots of players request some kind of endless mode where they can try out their build against a tougher challenge.
  • Level up rewards for all classes need revising (#869, #809, #713, #198)
  • An enemy design audit is overdue. In particular, these enemies feel off: Wolf Puppy (#802), Baby Squid (#790), Wizard (#801), Kraken (#833), Paper Knight (#724), Wicker Man (#678), Dragon (#519).
  • Some level up rewards and items don't make any sense for the various quests they appear in (especially Robot's Dice for a Price)
  • There are too many unnecessary confirmation steps when collecting items - picking up items from a chest shouldn't offer to ignore it (#387), and you shouldn't get a separate confirmation after you buy equipment from a shop (#733, #166).
  • Inventor needs a couple of tweaks which should massively improve it: starting with scrap metal makes them seem more confusing than they are, because it introduces a concept before you see it (#714), and you should be able to preview the gadgets that you get from equipment somehow (#856, #237).
  • Witch should be able to rearrange her spellbook. (#491)
  • You can't cancel a spell cast right now. (#246)
  • New players often want to sell, or at least dump unwanted equipment (#217)

UI and communication issues

  • Replace the current mini-dice icon with one that doesn't indicate any particular number. (#227, #813)
  • The settings menu needs a proper redesign. (#699, #599)
  • Status effects shouldn't disappear when "applied" - instead they should stay in place, so that players can mouse over them to see what happened. (#814)
  • Make the connection between levels and stars clearer. (#723)
  • Communicate that Poison pierces shields somewhere.
  • Explain in game what is meant by "Strength" and "Weakness"
  • Witch spells need to be previewable. (#855, #617)
  • Flee counter is broken. New players aren't even aware that fleeing is an option. (#748, #533)
  • Make it clearer that the Thief is "stealing" enemy equipment every turn. (#297)

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ncrecc commented Jan 30, 2019

Dumping equipment would be rather useful in Finders Keepers, even if it doesn't give you money or xp in return (especially if not). Right now, vampire is unwinnable if you completely fill your backpack and equipment bar before taking Wooden Stake.

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