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A simple style and powerful selection jQuery plugin, including ajax remote data, autocomplete, pagination, tags, i18n and keyboard navigation features

Examples and Documentation

Explorer on


The Vuejs version: v-selectpage



  • a jQuery(1.x) plugin
  • highly customized
  • compatible with no UI framework of the program, but it is recommended to use at least normalize.css
  • quick search item by input autocomplete
  • use keybord to quick navigate
  • multiple select by tag form
  • screen edges handle
  • custom content render
  • i18n supports, provide 6 languages
  • server side data supports

Browsers support

IE / Edge
IE / Edge
IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge Firefox 18+ Chrome 49+ Safari 10+ Opera 36+

Plugin Preview

Multiple Selection with Tags form


Regular select mode ( single selection )


List only ( pagination bar close, disable typing to quick search, select only )



Download SelectPage plugin zip file by last release, or click me to download SelectPage

or use NPM

npm install selectpage


As you can see in the Demo Page, you will need to include:

  • jQuery library (1.10.2+), untest on jquery2.x & 3.x
  • The JavaScript file selectpage.js (or its minified version selectpage.min.js)
  • The css file selectpage.css

Including files

<!-- jQuery library -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.min.js" ></script>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="selectpage.css" type="text/css">  
<script type="text/javascript" src="selectpage.js" ></script>

HTML input element set

the SelectPage plugin just need put a input tag in the page

<input type="text" id="selectpage" >

Javascript init plugin

//defined a array (the server side returned data format was same like that)
var data = [
  {id: 1, name: 'Chicago Bulls', desc: '芝加哥公牛' },
  {id: 2, name: 'Cleveland Cavaliers', desc: '克里夫兰骑士' },
  {id: 3, name: 'Detroit Pistons', desc: '底特律活塞' },
  {id: 4, name: 'Indiana Pacers', desc: '印第安纳步行者' }
//init SelectPage
  showField : 'desc',
  keyField : 'id',
  data : data

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


  • data string | object
    default : undefined
    data source (String:ajax search URL | Object:JSON format array)
    string : serverside request url address
    object : JSON format array,format like : [{a:1,b:2,c:3},{...}]

  • lang string
    default : 'cn'
    plugin language

code language
cn chinese
en english
de german
es spanish
ja japanse
pt-br Brazilian Portuguese
  • multiple boolean
    default : false
    whether it is multi-select mode(use tags mode)

  • pagination boolean
    default : true
    paging or not

  • listSize number
    default : 10
    the list shows the number of items, and the other items are displayed in a scroll bar,it only work on pagination : false

  • multipleControlbar boolean
    default : true
    whether to enable the multi-select mode control button area,only work on multiple: true

  • maxSelectLimit number
    default : 0
    maximum number of selections in multi-select mode,0 is unlimited

  • selectToCloseList boolean
    default : true
    is close list after item select,it only work on multiple:true

  • initRecord string
    default : undefined
    the initial value of the plugin, The value will match the option.keyField field, and if it matches, it will be automatically selected and highlighted

  • dbTable string
    default : 'tbl'
    use this parameter to set the corresponding data table name in server side(ajax) mode

  • keyField string
    default : 'id'
    value field, usually the contents of the field will be automatically saved in the hidden domain

  • showField string
    default : 'name'
    the result is used to display the name of the attribute

  • searchField string
    default : undefined
    query field, set server side query field when data source is server side mode, if not set default use of option.showField

  • andOr string
    default : 'AND'
    multiple keywords search type ('AND' or 'OR')

  • orderBy array
    default : undefined
    result data sort type, default use showField specified field
    orderBy : ['id desc']//use id field sort desc

  • pageSize number
    default : 10
    the number of records per page

  • params function
    default : undefined
    return : object
    send request params for server side data source(ajax)
    params : function(){return {'name':'aa','sex':1};}

  • formatItem function
    default : undefined
    data object row data object format
    return : string
    list item display content formatting

    formatItem : function(data){
      return data.a + '(' + data.b + ')';
  • focusDropList boolean
    default : true
    when input box get focus,drop the list

  • autoSelectFirst boolean
    default : true
    whether to automatically select the first item in the list (enter the keyword query mode, use the mouse directly does not trigger)

  • autoFillResult boolean
    default : true
    whether to automatically fill the content, if the list item is highlighted, in the focus away from the control, automatically set the item for the selected content

  • noResultClean boolean
    default : true
    enter the keyword to query and no item match,when focus leave plugin,whether to clear enter keywords

  • selectOnly boolean
    default : false
    select only mode,the input box can not enter any word

  • inputDelay number
    default : 0.5(second)
    enter the keyword query delay, work on server side(ajax) mode

  • eSelect function
    default : undefined
    item selected callback
    data object | array selected row or rows data(json)

  • eOpen function
    default : undefined
    before show up result list callback
    self object plugin object

  • eAjaxSuccess function
    default : undefined
    in server side mode,this is the callback function when request success,the role of the callback is used to custom processing of the return data
    data object server side return data(json)
    return object convert to SelectPage required data format
    return data format

      list : [{name:'aa',sex:1},{name:'bb',sex:1}...],
      totalRow : 100
  • eTagRemove function
    default : undefined
    this callback function is used to close tag, when multiple : true
    removeCount number removed tag count


  • selectPageClear
    clear all select items

  • selectPageRefresh
    refresh plugin selected items info

    $('#selectpage').val(20);//modify selected by id used javascript
    $('#selectpage').selectPageRefresh();//refresh selection item info
  • selectPageData
    change plugin data source,only work on json data source mode
    data array new json data,the data format is same to plugin data source

    var newdata = [{a:1,b:11,c:111},{a:2,b:22,c:222},{...}];
  • selectPageDisabled
    get plugin disabled status and set to disabled / enabled
    disabled boolean set disabled stauts. true to disabled, false to enabled

    if($('#selectpage').selectPageDisabled()){//get plugin disabled stuats
        $('#selectpage').selectPageDisabled(false);//set plugin to enabled
  • selectPageText
    get plugin selected items text



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