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A multi-layer nested, highly customizable powerful dialog plugin,
dialog type including modal dialog, alert dialog, mask layer, toast dialog

Guide, Demos and Documents

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The Vuejs version: v-dialogs

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  • jQuery plugin, on Bootstrap Modal plugin basis to extend
  • multi-layer Nested modal dialog
  • alert mode dialog provide infowarningerrorsuccessconfirm types
  • mask layer block all element when data loading
  • toast dialog, provide infowarningerrorsuccess types and 6 corner position
  • flexible style setting
  • when browser size changes, the dialog will automatically repositioned to the center of the browser
  • dialog area outside the click, the window automatically positioning and other scenes have a corresponding reminder animation

The Alert Dialog Icon

the icons in alert dialog used are made by Elegant Themes and control icon, toast icon used are come from IconFont

Plugin Preview

Modal Mode


Alert Mode


Mask Mode


Toast Mode bDialogToast


download bDialog plugin zip file by last release, or Click me to download bDialog

or use NPM

npm i bdialog


As you can see in the Demo page, you will need to include:

  • jQuery library (1.6.0+), untest on jquery2.x & 3.x
  • The JavaScript file b.dialog.js (or its minified version b.dialog.min.js)
  • The css file b.dialog.bootstrap3.css for bootstrap3.x , b.dialog.css for bootstrap2.x

Including files

<!-- include for Bootstrap2.x -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="b.dialog.css" type="text/css">
<!-- include for Bootstrap3.x -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="b.dialog.bootstrap3.css" type="text/css">
<!-- Above the css file under your css framework choose one of them to include -->
<!-- jquery-ui draggable liabrary if you need dialog drag function -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-ui.min.js" >< /script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="b.dialog.js" >< /script>

Open a Modal dialog{
    title : 'User Info Modify',
    width : 500,
    height : 450,
    url : '',
    params : {
        'userName' : 'Bryant'
        if(data && data.results && data.results.length > 0 ){
            bDialog.alert('已完成弹出窗口操作!<br>接收到弹出窗口传回的 userName 参数,值为:<b>' + 
            data.results[0].userName + '</b>');
              messageType : 'error'

Quick Demo

//Modal :{
  url : 'http://some url'
  dom : $('#some element').html()

//Alert :
bDialog.alert('your message');
bDialog.alert('your message',function(){
  //your callback

//Mask :

//Toast :
bDialog.toast('your message');
bDialog.toast('your message',{
  //toast dialog type
  messageType : 'warning',
  //show dialog in topleft position
  position : 'topLeft',
  //don't show close button
  dialogCloseButton : false,
  //auto close dialog time(second),default 3s
  closeTime : 0


  • backdrop string | boolean
    default : 'static'
    the dialog backdrop layer set

    • 'static' : click the backdrop can not close the dialog
    • false : do not show backdrop
    • true : show backdrop, but click the backdrop will close dialog
  • title string | boolean
    default : '对话框'
    set text to show in title bar,set false to close the title bar

  • language string
    default : 'cn'
    dialog using language

Code Language
cn chinese
en english
jp japanse
  • width number
    default : 700
    dialog width, only work on modal dialog mode

  • height number
    default : 400
    dialog height, only work on modal dialog mode

  • animation boolean
    default : true
    whether show animation when dialog open

  • dialogCloseButton boolean
    default : true
    whether show the 'X' close button

  • dialogMaxButton boolean
    default : true
    whether show maximize button

  • closeButton boolean
    default : false
    whether to close dialog bottom bar, only work in Modal dialog mode

  • scroll boolean
    default : true
    whether to display the scroll bar

  • drag boolean
    default : true
    whether to allow the window to be dragged

    the drag function is depend on jquery-ui draggable liabrary,if not include it, drag function will auto close

  • url string
    default : false
    the remote page url open in modal dialog

  • params object
    default : undefined
    pass the parameters to the new open modal dialog, in the new modal dialog you can get parameters like this

    var params = bDialog.getDialogParams();


    params : {
      name : 'Michael',
      num : 23
  • dom object
    default : undefined
    the html element or javascript object or jquery object to show in modal dialog

  • fullWidth boolean
    default : false
    whether to show full width modal dialog

  • customClass string
    default : undefined
     specify custom style class name

  • show boolean
    default : false whether show dialog when dialog init finish

  • onShow function
    default : undefined
    before dialog show callback

  • onShowed function
    default : undefined
    when the dialog has been made visible to call this callback

  • onHide function
    default : undefined
    before dialog close callback

  • onHidden function
    default : undefined
    when dialog completely close callback

  • callback function
    default : undefined
     when dialog close callback, this callback different from others callback its can be return data to caller.
    data object return to caller data

      callback : function(data){
        if(data && data.results && data.results.length > 0 ){
    //the param data is come from 
    bDialog.close('i am return data');
  • messageType string
    default : 'info'
    setup alert dialog, toast dialog type, the full type is

    • info(default)
    • warning
    • error
    • success
    • confirm(only work on alert dialog)

    the different type will show different icon

  • position string
    default : 'bottomRight'
    toast dialog display position, the full position is

    • topLeft
    • topCenter
    • topRight
    • bottomLeft
    • bottomCenter
    • bottomRight(default)
  • closeTime number
    default : 3(second)
     auto close toast dialog time, set 0 to disabled auto close dialog

  • cancel function
    default : undefined
    when alert dialog mode, and alert type is confirm, this callback is used to the cancel button callback

    cancel : function(dialog){
      bDialog.alert('The deal was canceled');


  • open
    open a modal dialog
    • params example{
      url : 'http://someurl'
    //so simple to open a remote page in modal dialog
  • close
    close opened dialog (modal, alert, mask)
    • data object return to caller data
    • [dialog] object optional to set, if you have a opened dialog object,you can directly to it. if no setup this param, plugin will close the last open dialog example
    bDialog.close({name:'Michael',num:23});//close and return data(last open dialog)
    var dlg ={...});
  • getDialog
    get last opened dialog (modal, alert, mask)
    var dlg = bDialog.getDialog();
  • getDialogParams
    get params data from open dialog params{
      params : {
        name : 'Michael',
        num : 23
    in the opened modal dialog, you can get params like this
    var params = bDialog.getDialogParams();
  • alert
    open a message alert dialog, the alert dialog can be info, warning, error, success, confirm types param
    • message string the message show in alert dialog
    • callback function close alert dialog callback
    • params object setup alert dialog params
    bDialog.alert('a am info message');//just show message
    bDialog.alert('a am info message',function(){
    });//show message and do something when alert dialog close
    bDialog.alert('a am info message',function(){
      messageType : 'confirm',//open confirm alert dialog
      cancel : function(){
        $('#name').val('my default name');
    });//show message, callback,and setup init params
  • mask
    • message
    • params
    bDialog.mask();//show a block every element layer and default prompt message
    bDialog.mark('please wait for a moment...');//show a mask and custom text
  • toast
    • message
    • params
    //show a corner toast dialog, default position on bottomRight
    bDialog.toast('your message');
    bDialog.toast('your message',{
      //toast dialog type
      messageType : 'warning',
      //show dialog in topleft position
      position : 'topLeft',
      //don't show close button
      dialogCloseButton : false,
      //auto close dialog time(second),default 3s
      closeTime : 0