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TeskaLabs is a software vendor focused on cyber-security. We love open-source.


  1. asab Public

    Asynchronous Server App Boilerplate (ASAB) is a micro-service framework for Python 3 and asyncio.

    Python 25 7

  2. c-its-itss Public

    C-ITS ITS-S reference implementation focused on a security meant for testing and studying of TeskaLabs SeaCat CA API

    Python 8 4

  3. cysimdjson Public

    Very fast Python JSON parsing library

    C++ 217 7

  4. asab-webui Public

    React-based web UI for ASAB.

    JavaScript 1 3

  5. SeaCat SDK for Android (3rd generation)


  6. SeaCat SDK for iOS (3rd generation)

    Swift 1